Prescription Safety Lenses

Enhance your vision, accuracy and safety at work with bespoke prescription safety lenses from as little as £9.90 with our amazing deals.

Replacement Safety Glasses Lenses

For professions such as construction, trades, military, medical and mechanical, your safety is of the utmost importance – especially when it comes to your eyesight! When you’re at risk of falling debris, dust, and harmful chemicals that could damage your eyes, having the correct eye protection is crucial to getting the job done productively and safely.

Take your safety glasses to the highest level and replace the lenses with enhanced features such as anti-scratch, polarised and even prescription lenses. Lensology can help you tailor your safety glasses to your job and optical requirements via our swift and cost-effective lens reglazing service.

A person wearing prescription safety lenses in their safety glasses

Our Replacement Prescription Safety Lenses

A new eye prescription doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the job you love. With Lensology’s prescription reglazing service, it also means you don’t have to balance safety glasses over your everyday glasses! We offer three types of prescription lenses to fit directly into your safety glasses or goggles.

The Best Lens Features for Safety Glasses

Whether you own metal or plastic safety glasses, wraparound frames, safety goggles or rimless safety glasses, we can design and fit lenses to fit your existing safety frames. Along with some awesome enhancements to match your working environment.



FROM £52.90

Give your safety glasses or goggles the best protection with our premium ULTIMA lenses. Suitable for any type of safety glasses, they also come with:


Super scratch resistance




UV block




Easy cleaning


12 months damage guarantee

Priority Processing (for single vision stock lenses)

Transitional Lenses for Safety Glasses

Transitions® Sunglasses Lenses

For workers who continuously move between different environments, Transitional lenses are a game-changer for your safety glasses. Also known as photochromic lenses, these lenses adapt to the amount of light available, transitioning from tinted to protect your eyes from UV rays to a clear lens, allowing enough light to complete your job.

At Lensology, we offer three types of state-of-the-art Transitions lenses for your safety glasses.

A person wearing a glasses with Transitions® lenses

How Our Service Works

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Build the box, pop in your prescription and safety glasses, and seal it with the free postage sticker. Post back to us via any Royal Mail postbox or post office.

Step 3

Sit back and relax

We’ll email you a quote, and if you’re happy, we’ll start reglazing your bespoke safety glasses lenses. We’ll post them back to you via a secure courier service.

Safety Glasses Replacement

At Lensology, our in-house technicians are experts in designing and reglazing high-quality bespoke glasses lenses. We want to make sure your eyes are safe at work so we can create the right lens that exceeds your expectations.

We also remove the middleman, which means we can provide a more cost-effective solution to upgrading and replacing the lenses within your safety glasses or goggles. And with our quick turnaround time, you won’t be downing tools for long.

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