Xreal / Nreal Air Prescription Lens Inserts

Lensology – Official Worldwide Suppliers of Xreal / Nreal Air Prescription Inserts. We’re proud to partner with the experts at Nreal to provide custom prescription lens inserts that enhance your immersive, digital viewing experience.

Official Partner

Express Global Shipping
Custom Prescriptions

Official Partner

Express Global Shipping
Custom Prescriptions

Official Xreal / Nreal Air Prescription Inserts

For just £95.00 we will provide You with a customised Insert & Prescription Lens package, this includes…

Bose Alto sunglasses with tinted lenses

Custom Prescription Lenses

Our reglazing technicians will create your unique prescription lenses in our state of the art UK lab. We use only the highest quality lenses that come as standard with a host of free enhancements.
Bose Rondo sunglasses with tinted lenses

Xreal / Nreal Air Glasses Inserts

As part of our package We will supply a new Air insert so there is no need for you to send us yours. This saves you time and money sending us your own.
Bose Tenor sunglasses with tinted lenses

Custom Lens Glazing & Fitting

We’ll cut, edge , drill and fit your custom made lenses to perfectly fit the insert we’ve supplied. Once done it’ll be shipped to you ready to wear and play!


Perfect service for Nreal Air AR glasses prescription lenses!

My Augmented Reality Nreal Air glasses needed prescription lenses, and I heard good things about Lensology on Reddit, so I’m now very happy that I gave their service a try.

I had a long flight coming up in the same week and Lensology had a reputation for fast turnaround. The order process was quick and easy.

Payment was quick and easy. Lensology quickly reached out to confirm my prescription details and they were very professional. Then before I could believe it, I had my new prescription lenses for my Nreal AR glasses, already mounted on the required insert, within 3 days of my order from the UK to the USA.

That’s incredibly fast fulfilment, as local shops all told me 7 days to 2 weeks!

Lensology beat them all and the lenses I received from Lensology seem clearer than even my daily wear high clarity high index glasses. Just, wow.
Lensology really lived up to their positive reputation and did it with style and quality.

And then they did it again a few months later for my wife’s prescription inserts for *her* new Nreal Air AR glasses. Lol, yeah, she wanted a pair too after trying out mine.

Lensology’s the real deal. It’s very easy to order from their website, especially with the dedicated Nreal Air ordering page on lensology.co.uk and the entire experience left me recommending them to everyone I know in AR and VR who need prescription lenses for their VR headsets and AR glasses.

Peter Rodriguez

Fantastic Quality! Buy it!!

I was a little sceptical about the time frame and quality is given I didn’t know anything about this company. I was completely floored by both. These prescription inserts are fantastic for my Nreal Air. They are my exact prescription and the build quality is amazing. The shipping from Europe to America was lightning-fast. I would definitely recommend this again and again.
I wish they would do VR headset inserts as well. You pay for quality. Kudos Lensology!!

Neil Orr

Spoke to advisor Oscar

Spoke to advisor Oscar, who talked to me and helped me through the process of buying my lens inserts for my Xreal glasses. I got them back within 24 hours, they are absolutely spot on. I have used this company before when I got prescription lenses for my Bose Bluetooth glasses. Very good customer service – I highly recommend this company.

Dustin Ybarra

These lenses changed the game

These lenses changed the game for the Nreal Air for me! I have pretty bad vision, and the lenses are not that thick and allow a much more comfortable experience when playing than just having my glasses underneath my headset. Absolutely worth every dime. Also had no problems shipping to me in the US and turned around surprisingly fast.

Matthew Brackney

I got a set of nreal air AR glasses…

I got a set of real air AR glasses recently and everything was blurry without my glasses on, but wearing my glasses under the Nreal airs was hardly ideal.

I went looking for a place that does prescription inserts and Lensology came up everywhere. Anyone who needed the inserts was praising them.

looked into them and saw that the price was fair (no price gouging for a niche item). I placed my order and everything went super smoothly. Even though I’m in the US and they’re in the UK, I had my inserts in hand within a week.

They’re a great company, and if I ever need my prescription inserts updated I will be coming to them again.

Lance Kriegsfeld

If you have Nreals and need a prescription, look no further than Lensology!

If you have Nreal glasses, I can’t recommend Lensology highly enough as the place to get prescription lens inserts. They have super fast turnaround times and the prescription was absolutely perfect. Made the viewing experience so much better for me given my nearsightedness.

Reel Vhslamps

If you have Nreal airs and need the glasses made these are the Guys!

The glasses came within 2 days!! They fit my Near Airs like a glove. Now I can enjoy my glasses. Top service and would use it again if needed.

Worldwide Shipping

Our Xreal / Nreal Air prescription lenses are available with worldwide delivery.

Next Day / £6.95

2-4 working days / £25.00
2-4 working days / £25.00
2-4 working days / £20.00
4-6 working days / £30.00
6-7 working days / £30.00
New Zealand
6-7 working days / £30.00
South Africa
6-7 working days / £30.00
United Arab Emirates
4-6 working days / £30.00

All import tax and customs fees are covered by Lensology

For any other countries not listed please contact us.

Our Xreal / Nreal Air Prescription Lens Features

At Lensology, we pride ourselves on the high quality and cost-effective price of our prescription Air Inserts. Your Xreal / Nreal Air Lenses will be designed with the slimmest and lightest lens type possible, based on your prescription. We’ll also include our premium add-ons for every order:

Slim & Light High Index
UltraViolet Block
Priority Processing
Worldwide Shipping
person holding Xreal / Nreal Air glasses case
Xreal / Nreal Air glasses
man wearing Xreal / Nreal Air glasses with tinted lenses

What Are Xreal / Nreal Air Glasses?

If you want to see into the future, Xreal / Nreal Air glasses are the way to do it.

This cutting-edge tech connects your glasses to your Smartphone and projects full, high-quality displays right in front of your eyes. From video streaming and online gaming, to live sports and apps, you can access everything with ease.

Nreal glasses also provide a more comfortable viewing experience when compared to VR headsets; crafted to be smaller, lighter and a fraction of the cost! The integrated noise and echo cancellation speakers, and microphone system in the arms of the glasses provide uninterrupted listening, all of which can be controlled at a finger’s touch.

Do Xreal / Nreal Air Glasses Need Prescription Lenses?

We want you to get the ultimate experience from your Xreal / Nreal glasses, that’s why the inserts have been designed to fit your own prescription lenses.

Although the glasses project a high-quality display, this will appear several metres away, and the image may become distorted if you have any visual impairments. By customising your Xreal / Nreal inserts with your own prescription lenses, you’ll be able to enjoy the full impact of this ground-breaking tech.

Xreal / Nreal Air glasses and lens inserts

Daniel Gretzke

As great as the reviews say

I’m always sceptical when it comes to VR/AR devices because I usually need to wear my glasses underneath. For the most part I bought the NReal Air because on Reddit everyone was praising Lensology for their glasses. I can confirm these recommendations. The glasses arrived before the AR glasses, the customer service was very responsive and nice but most importantly, I don’t notice any difference between my glasses and the lensology glasses, which should help reduce stress from my eyes allowing me to wear the NReal Air glasses for longer periods of time. Very satisfied

Billy Clark

Lensology Nreal glasses inserts

Lensology gave very specific instructions with pictures (very helpful) to make sure that my prescription was correct for my Nreal glasses inserts. Once they got my prescription I received the glasses in a couple of days (I’m in US) and they work perfect. Thanks


Nreal air inserts

They are very quick, I ordered real air inserts and I receive them after a few days, amazing quality, guys if you have real air glasses and you need prescription inserts to go for it .. worth it !!

Lemon Oath

Lived up to the reviews

Got the real air inserts after searching and seeing good Reddit reviews of the company’s speed and service. My package came relatively quickly and my questions were answered effectively.

The quality was there and the speed was there, I don’t often pay this much for glasses, but they were specifically cut for the design and compared to competitors the price was pretty fair.

If you are looking for a custom-cut lens, I suggest this company purely for the quality and the peace of mind that you will get a properly made product.

Jinny Park

Fastest and cheapest

Fastest, cheapest to ever get the inserts! I only read the reviews recently after purchasing my Nreal for the inserts and decided to try them because of the wonderful reviews. I was planning on taking a trip and I thought it would be great if I got it before the trip but it was only barely a week away.

I know my optometrist took more than a week to make my glasses, but I decided it wasn’t going to happen and that I was going to use them for the next trip. But it showed up 2 days before the trip and I was able to take it with me.

I have strabismus and a bit of prism on my glasses, and they were able to make it perfect.
Customer services were great and prompt, the product came perfectly, and the fastest ever!

David Gravseth

Amazing turnaround time to the USA

I ordered my Real glasses from Amazon and my prescription inserts from Lensology on the same dav. I could not believe when they arrived within a day of each other! The turn around time was amazing. I submitted the form on 11/24 and got my lenses on 11/30 and they are flawless. Thank you!

Liam Dillane

Reddit brought me here!

I found out about Lensology on the Nreal sub on Reddit. Fantastic piece of equipment. I tried to use the Nreal Airs with contact lenses but my eves got too dry. These are really well-priced.

If you’re even thinking about it, just order them! You won’t regret it.

Chase Trotter

Best inserts available for Nreal Air glasses and fast fulfillment of order

I needed a set of inserts in order to use my NReal Air glasses and Lensology had them to me within a month.

This was during the holidays, no less. I am extremely pleased with the service provided by Lensology, and they can count on my future business once my prescription changes.

About Xreal / Nreal Prescription Lens Inserts

These prescription lens inserts are an innovative and subtle little set of lenses tailored by our experts to meet the needs of your prescription.

Once we receive your order and your most recent prescription (within the last 2 years), we’ll create your custom prescription lenses and fit them into your new Xreal / Nreal Air inserts. They’ll then be shipped to you in super quick time so you can start to enjoy these wonderful AR glasses with crystal clear vision.

To get started, buy your Xreal / Nreal Air prescription lenses now.

group of people wearing Xreal / Nreal Air glasses

How Long Will My Prescription Lenses Take?

We get the excitement you’re feeling about getting your Airs made up with your customised prescription, in fact, we’re almost as excited about it much as you are! This is why we are supplying all the Air Inserts we make with our best-selling, top-specification lenses from our ULTIMA range. All ULTIMA lenses are top grade and high spec, they are equal ( and probably better ) than the same grade of lenses you would buy from a High-End Boutique Optometrist/Opticians. The advantages of getting your inserts supplied by Lensology rather than via a traditional method are almost too many to mention, but the main ones you will be interested in are…

FAST – All stock lens orders are manufactured and shipped within 1-3 days. You’ve got the Airs, who wants to wait weeks for the Rx lenses?

THIN – We pick the slimmest & lightest Index/Material for your RX, so no neck ache when wearing our lenses. 😎

SECURE – All Air Inserts are sent to you tracked and Insured using the quickest and safest couriers, this means that even when shipped internationally most orders will be received within one week of ordering.

Proud Partner of XRAI Glass. Life Subtitled

Here at Lensology we think that one of the most exciting and indeed life changing applications available for the Xreal / Nreal glasses is what the folks at XRAI Glass have built. Below are some words from Dan Scarfe one of the Co-Founders of this brilliant software…

Read More about XRAI Glass

XRAI Glass was created to connect people through technology. We’re a software brand creating solutions powered by Augmented Reality. Using ground-breaking technology we convert audio into visuals allowing a pair of smart glasses to turn speech into subtitles, in real-time.

We give people tools to engage with the world in new ways and transcend labels or disabilities. We want everyone to be able to see through the noise and be themselves. With XRAI Glass, deaf and hard of hearing users can enjoy rich conversations with multiple people in the room, remotely, or nearby. Whether that means having a chat and continuing to make dinner, or the simple pleasure of going for a walk and keeping a conversation going without the need for sign language or face-to-face interaction. We enable people to enjoy performances, cinemas, and the theatre.

Beyond just your own language, XRAI Glass supports multi-lingual transcription and translation in and out of 9 different languages. It also includes “Hey XRAI”, your own personal assistant. Able to answer almost any question or recall anything you can’t remember.

All we do is built from our values to respect our users’ data, make our solutions as easy to use as possible, and to be deaf-led every step of the way. Starting today, XRAI Glass is available globally.

Woman wearing Xreal / Nreal Air glasses in the street

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