Sunglasses Lenses

Brighten up your favourite sunglasses with our UK-leading sunglasses lens reglazing service. We turn prescription, non-prescription and branded glasses into perfect sunglasses with your own prescription and lens style. Guaranteed quick and cost-effective replacement sunglasses lenses.

Reglazing Sunglasses

Sunglasses can be a big investment, it can take ages to find the right style that is both comfortable and reflects your personality. When your sunglasses lenses get damaged or your prescription changes, you shouldn’t buy a new pair or make do with your existing lenses.

At Lensology, we reglaze sunglasses for both prescription and non-prescription wearers, our optical experts fit new high-quality lenses to your existing frames, no matter the style or brand, at a fraction of the price of the high street and deliver them back to you ready to wear via our fast postal service.

So why reglaze your sunglasses?

Protect your eyes from harmful UV

Save £££ vs a new pair from the high street

Quality assured from regulated optical suppliers
We reglaze all brands and styles
Prescription and non-prescription
Quick, simple and effective
Protect your eyes from harmful UV
Save £££ vs a new pair from the high street
Quality assured from regulated optical suppliers
We reglaze all brands and styles
Prescription and non-prescription
Quick, simple and effective

Sunglasses Reglazing Prices

We cut out the middleman and get the sunglasses lenses you want and fit them for you. Unlike high street opticians, we waive the reglazing fee, making our prices up to 70% lower than our competitors (and you don’t have to book an appointment!). When you include our current deals.

Sunglasses Lenses
Standard Tinted £32.90 £69.00 £100.00 £145.00
Tinted with Anti-Glare £50.00 £104.00 £140.00 £185.00
Polarised Tinted £70.90 £94.00 £170.00 £215.00
Transitions® Lenses £71.00 £94.00 (Unbranded) £150.00 £225.00
Tinted Bifocals £52.00 £118.00 £170.00 £195.00
Tinted Varifocals £79.00 £148.00 £240.00 £240.00
Gradient Tints + £10.00
Same price as tinted lenses Same price as tinted lenses Same price as tinted lenses
Mirrored Tints + £35.00
DO NOT SUPPLY + £65.00 (add-on) + £40.00 (add-on)


Save even more with our latest offers.



FROM £70.00

Give your Sunglasses the best protection with our premium ULTIMA lenses. Suitable for any type of sunglasses, they also come with:


Super scratch resistance




UV block




Easy cleaning


12 months damage guarantee

Priority Processing (for single vision stock lenses)

Different Lens Types

We Offer A Complete Range Of Tints And Gradients

No matter what lenses you are looking for we will be able to help you, from custom pink tints to polarised lenses with a cool mirror finish we can supply it all! You can check out our standard range of lenses below, and for any custom work please email us at [email protected].

variation of glasses lens types, brown, green and grey

Our Sunglasses Tints

FROM £32.90

Our standard tinted lenses are available in grey, brown and green (grey/green) with an 85% tint, these tints can be fitted with any power and index to any frame with a quick turnaround. We also provide a complete range of colour tints if you are looking for something a bit different. Our expert technicians can colour-match your existing tint too.

A variation of lens types, smoke grey, dusk blue and sage.

Our Sunglasses Gradients

FROM £42.90

Our graduated tint lenses are created by hand by our expert technicians and can be added to any colour tint to suit your style. Gradients provide practical protection from the sun, whilst allowing you to see things clearly, making viewing more comfortable.

Add The Finishing Touches To Your Sunglasses

Transitions® Sunglasses Lenses

As you go about your day-to-day, Transitions® lenses detect the amount of light within your environment and adapt the darkness of the lens to protect your eyes. Enabling you to effortlessly move from one location to another, without impairing your vision.
A person wearing a glasses with Transitions® lenses
Replacement sunglasses lenses from Lensology

Replacement Prescription And Non-Prescription Lenses For Any Brand And Style

Whether you’re updating the lenses in your non-prescription sunglasses or prescription sunglasses, we can help. Our expert technicians only work with high-quality lenses, which are designed and fitted directly into your existing frames, giving your favourite sunglasses a new lease of life at an affordable cost.

Our free postal reglazing service allows you to upgrade your branded frames with tints, finishes and new prescriptions. We reglaze lenses for any brand and any style, we can also supply genuine manufacturer lenses with the logo on the lens.

Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses

Lensology supply and fit authentic Ray-Ban lenses. Our convenient postal replacement lens service means that if your Ray Ban’s get damaged, we can help.

We can match the tint of your existing lenses and replace them with new ones, meaning that you can keep your favourite frames.

Ray-Ban replacement lenses
oakley replacement holbrook lenses

Oakley Replacement Lenses

Lensology are proud to supply replacement Oakley lenses. Whether you are looking to refresh your Oakley frames, or to save money on having new prescription lenses fitted, Lensology can help.

Send your Oakley frames to us using one of our convenient pre-paid postage packs, and our experts will fit your new lenses and send them safely back to you.

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Reglaze your Sunglasses with Lensology

Step 1

Request A Pack

Click our request a pack button to fill out our online form and receive a box through the post to return your sunglasses. Postage is prepaid and there’s no obligation. Sit tight, your pack will arrive in a couple of days.
Step 2

Send Us Your Sunnies

Place your sunglasses and prescription in the box and pop it into any Royal Mail post-box. No journeys into town, no stamps, no fuss! We’ll email you a quote for reglazing and if you’re happy, we’ll get to work.
Step 3

Relax whilst we fit your sunglass lenses

Our experts will create and fit your new lenses based on your requirements, before returning them back to you via our courier service. All done with the greatest of care and the quickest turnaround.