Our History

Back in September 2019 we rebranded from ReglazeMyGlasses to the company you know us as now, Lensology. Below is a section that we had on the front page of the website that explained about the rebranding and why we did it. Now that the new name Lensology is well established we have moved this information away from the front page and have kept it nice and safe in the About Us section instead. If you’re interested in why we rebranded please read on…

The new name for ReglazeMyGlasses

If you are a loyal customer of ours you may well be asking…

“Who’s Lensology and what have you done with the lovely people at ReglazeMyGlasses? Where are they now?”

Do not fear, we haven’t been abducted or harmed in any way during this process. We are all still here, happy, healthy and beavering away making your glasses. At first we simply wanted to freshen up our website, but whilst thinking about this we considered how far we have come and how our business has evolved.

“But why change the name, I really liked ReglazeMyGlasses, what was wrong with it?”

Good question and it needs explaining – we really liked the name ReglazeMyGlasses too, it did what it said on the tin. We had a loyal customer base who were using us time and time again, so we wondered whether it would be best to simply keep the old name.

“So why change?”

We felt the name change was needed for two main reasons; The first was…copy cats (and lots of them!) About a year after we launched our unique new online service, copycat traders started to appear, Reglaze-this and Reglaze-that were popping up all over the place, none of them doing the job as well as us and none with the same experience or knowhow. It’s said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” but some of these outfits were merely copying and pasting entire sections of our website – and that’s just plain rude! These other companies didn’t need to work as hard as we did to build a website and service from scratch because they were simply copying ours. For a time these disreputable companies were appearing on a monthly basis.

“There’s nothing wrong with a bit of competition, it keeps you on your toes!”

That’s true, competition is fine and healthy. If someone has a great idea, it stands to reason that in time it will be copied and we can cope with that. However, what we have increasingly seen, is that happy ReglazeMyGlasses.com customers find it difficult to work out who is who when searching for us, as other websites maliciously look the same. People encouraged to use us from recommendations have inadvertently ended up using a similar sounding company that has given poor and inferior service. That isn’t fair for either the customer or indeed us. That’s reason No.1 for the name change to Lensology.

“Fair enough, what’s the other reason for making this big decision?”

Fortunately we have been successful enough to live with the copycats but we also wanted to reflect how our service has evolved since we began.

Our concept originally was to fill a gap that traditional high street opticians weren’t interested in – removing lenses from an old existing frame and replacing them with new lenses. Many people want to keep their frames for a wide variety of reasons, but often Opticians don’t want to do this and will even tell you it can’t be done! This is called Reglazing.

The evolution of the internet has meant that in recent times more and more brand new frames are being purchased and sent along to us to be fitted with lenses. The optical industry name for this service is “Glazing”, you “Glaze” lenses into a new frame and “Reglaze” a previously worn frame. We therefore wanted to choose a new name that matched the full range of what we do and the services we provide.

“But why Lensology?”

We Reglaze and we also Glaze glasses frames, but trying to find a name that suggested both was proving difficult. Ultimately we thought that whether the frames are old or new, our service is supplying and fitting lenses so that should be the focus (pun intended). After that it was all about coming up with a name that suits the service we provide and our experience and knowledge. So we came up with Lensology. We like it a lot and hope you do too.

Kate and the Team at Lensology