Contact Lensology

Making it easy for customers to contact them is not high on the priority list for most online companies. In fact some will go to great lengths to hide their contact details, making it virtually impossible to speak to an actual human being.

Lensology are at the opposite end of the scale as far as communication is concerned. Our team are almost tripping over themselves to make it easy for you to get hold of them as much and as often as you need to.

Because we appreciate that getting your lenses replaced online is a leap of faith for some glasses wearers we have made ourselves as accessible as possible by giving you lots of ways to contact us.

So if you do have any questions or queries, please go ahead and ask away!

Emailing is a great way to get hold of us during the day. All our emails are read and replied to by real human beings, no Robots or automated responses from us here at Lensology. It’s also worth noting that many of us here don’t have much in the way of a Social Life so are often working late into the night and over the weekend. It’s our loss and your gain so take advantage of it!

There’s nothing like a good old chinwag in our opinion, that’s why we have plenty of the team ready and waiting for your phone call. Also, we think there is nothing worse than getting a recorded voice saying, “dial 1 for this” or “2 for that”, everyone finds that infuriating which is why we have made it easy to get straight through to a real person quickly and with as little fuss as possible. Call us today for a catch up!

We weren’t sure about this mode of contact but we trialled it and it worked really well for us. Our experience of it on other websites had not been good, but it turned out that was because the “people” on the other end were either automated robots or simply didn’t seem trained or knowledgeable. It turns out that a Live Chat service works really well and proves very useful when it’s run by humans that are both trained and knowledgeable, who would have thought it eh?

Social Media:

The social media side of things had been a slow burn for us in the early years, but we feel we have really started to get to grips with it over the last couple of years and now we can’t get enough of it. If you find that social media platforms are somewhere you spend a lot of your free time then do feel free to drop by and say hello, you’re always welcome!