Anti-Fog Lenses

Zero faff, Zero fuss, just Fog-Free Vision

What are Anti-Fog lenses?

Anti-fog products have generally been seen as a ‘nice to have’; an expensive added extra you feel as though you don’t really need. Unfortunately things have changed with the wearing of protective face masks now mandatory due to Covid-19, glasses wearers are forever battling with steamed up, foggy lenses. When you shouldn’t be removing your mask or touching your face, this proves to be a big problem and to put it bluntly a serious pain in the proverbial!

Anti-fog is supposed to do exactly as it describes – it’s there to form a coating that prevents steam and fog from building up on your lenses. Build-up can occur from breathing or a temperature change – in and out of shops, for example. All Anti-fog products are some form of chemical treatment that prevents condensation from building up on your lenses, eliminating the need to wipe them down constantly.

Anti-Fog in-the-lens benefits

No sprays

No Wiping

No More Fogging!

A man wearing a pair of glasses without anti-fog lenses

Why choose Lensologys solution for foggy lenses?

Well, that’s a fair question, the internet is awash with products, hacks and tips to stop your glasses from misting up, so what makes ours your best choice? Well, we’ve done our homework and have found that all the “solutions” out there require too much work and effort, and that none of them seem that effective anyway. Sprays, wipes and cleaning cloths are all temporary, unless you are constantly using or applying them then they simply stop working.

They have a window of time when they will be effective, and if you don’t have your sprays or wipes handy then the result is foggy glasses and this will often happen at the most inconvenient time. All the alternatives are basically activators and this makes them another thing you have to remember to do, just another inconvenience you don’t have time for.

Lensologys Anti-Fog fix is unique because it’s permanent straight out of the packet, because it’s part of the lens material itself it therefore works all day and night without you having to do anything to keep it doing its job, doesn’t that’s sound nice, simple and easy?

What You Need To Know

Lensology provide an Anti-Fog solution with both Single Vision and Varifocal lenses. Our Anti-Fog lenses are made from a Polycarbonate material, this means that they are not only slim and light but are also impact resistant. They are also fully UV protected and have a hard coat layer that protects against accidental scratching. The Anti-Fog technology applied to our range of lenses provides permanent protection against fogging and misting, no special sprays, wipes or activating cloths are necessary. The only thing you need to do to keep your Anti-Fog glasses performing at their peak is to keep your lenses clean, just like you would any other type of lens.

At this point our Anti-Fog lenses are only available as clear with scratch resistance, this means that the technology cannot be applied to Anti-Reflection, Tinted/Sunglass or Transitions® lens types. We have extensively tested all manufacturers lenses that are available to us and quite frankly none of them stood up to the test. We can’t stand behind and promote products that don’t work, the results of whether Anti-Fog works or not is instant, they either do or they don’t, we are happy to say that ours passed with flying colours.

A woman wearing a pair of glasses with anti-fog lenses and a face mask
A woman wearing glasses with foggy lenses

Is anti-fog expensive?

No its not, our prices before deals or discounts for Single Vision are just £73.00 per pair and our Freeform Varifocals are just £179.00 per pair. When you compare this with the cost of standard lenses that you then need to combine with sprays, cloths or wipes that give inferior results, then our Anti-Fog lenses represent very good value for money. When you compare the ease and convenience of Lensologys Anti-Fog lenses with the alternatives on the market the value is clear to see.

kids blue light glasses at night with mobile phone

Love them or leave them offer

We are so confident that you are going to love our Anti-Fog lenses that we are happy to make you an offer. If before 30 days you decide that our Anti-Fog lenses are not working as promised, then you can return them for either an alternative lens type or a full refund.

Making this offer is a no brainer for us as we have tested this lens with over 300 wearers since September, the feedback we have since received has made us very confident that you will love your Anti-Fog lenses too, so why not give them a try!

A man wearing glasses with a face mask

What our customers say about their Anti-Fog lenses

My new Anti-Fog lenses are fabulous! They do exactly as advertised and don’t fog up whilst wearing a mask/face-covering. As I now work in a hospital I have to wear a mask all day every day and these lenses make it much more tolerable.

The frames were great quality and value for money; I confirm I am one very happy customer.

Thanks again


As always the lenses are superb!

Good quality bright lenses to my specifications. 

The new frames are great too – bigger than I thought they’d be! 

The Anti fog is amazing – I am a frontline nurse and not once have I had to fiddle with my mask or glasses at work this weekend because I’ve steamed up. (It tends to happen a lot and is very annoying)

This is brilliant as it limits the amount of times my hands and gloves are in contact with my face/glasses therefore reducing infection transfer or risk.

Would absolutely recommend (and have been all weekend 😂)


Fog free brilliance

I was getting fed up ‘fogging up’ every time I wore my ‘Covid’ face mask and I happened to look at a promotion from Lensology about fog free glasses. So, on the phone to the company and, in particular, Andrea who has looked after my sighting needs so well. I only needed a quick chat to be convinced that fog free glasses were exactly what was needed. As my prescription hadn’t changed and I wanted to keep my existing glasses, Andrea kindly sent me photos of available glasses appropriate to what I liked. After choosing the frame, everything else was typical of the company – perfect service and glasses despatched within a few days. The lenses themselves are brilliant and absolutely fog free – no more squinting to read through lenses or having to remove to clean many times in a short time whilst wearing the face mask. Two words only to summarise – A MUST. Thank you Lensology (and of-course Andrea for without her help, I’d still be stumbling around)

Reglazed glasses received successfully thank you. Optically they are very good. The anti-fog works wonderfully. I was a little sceptical though it is really impressive! Everything else around the order was very efficient.


Reglaze your existing glasses with Anti-Fog lenses

Looking to keep your existing frames and reglaze your glasses with new Anti-Fog lenses? Simply request a free reglazing pack!

Step 1

Request A Pack

Fill out our simple form online and we will leap into action, sending you a sturdy box to put your frames in. Postage is prepaid and there is no obligation. Sit tight, you will receive your pack in just a couple of days.

Step 2

Send Us Your Glasses

Place your frames in the box and pop it into any Royal Mail post-box. No journeys into town, no stamps, no fuss. To save time you can add a copy of your prescription or we’d be happy to contact you for it. There is still nothing to pay.

Step 3

Relax whilst we fit your Anti-Fog lenses

Our experts will prepare a quote based on your requirements and email it to you. Once you’re happy, sit back and relax whilst we fit your lenses with speed and care before returning them via our secure courier service.