Blue Light Lenses

Protect your eyes from screens
Blue Light blocking lenses for Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Zooming
Offers Long Term Protection
Prevents eye strain
Improves Sleep
Fits in any frames
Prevents dry eyes
Relief from headaches

What is blue light and should I have protective lenses?

Many people know that light is made up of a number of colours. Fewer people will be aware that the part with the shortest wavelength (and therefore highest energy part of the spectrum) is blue light. This is closest in frequency to harmful UV light – although natural blue light is beneficial to us.

Artificial blue light from computers, television, phones, tablets and indoor lighting is increasingly being linked to the strains, aches and pains which can afflict the eyes. Newer research also links blue light to long term adverse outcomes for eyesight and triggering of migraines. It is now accepted that prolonged blue light exposure affects our sleep – especially if using devices before bedtime. This is why newer iPhones offer Night Shift to literally change the colours on the screen. Seeing blue light at night will trick your body into thinking it doesn’t need to go to sleep.

The good news is that our technicians have developed a lens that can filter blue light and therefore reduce risks to your eyesight and health.

wearing blue light glasses whilst looking at digital screens

What is blue light and should I have protective lenses?

In The Day

Many people have to work at computers or tablets all day and so are exposed to long hours of artificial blue light.

In The Evening

At home our eyes are bombarded with even more blue light from phones, LED lighting and televisions.


Whether it’s learning, playing, relaxing or socialising – everything our children do these days seems to be on screens. It can be so hard to limit their screen time, but we can reduce how harmful this screen time is.

What Do Blue-Light Blocking Lenses Do?

Everyone knows that Ultra Violet light from the sun can be harmful and so we buy Sunglasses that block out these rays. But did you know that Blue Light is very close in wavelength to these damaging rays? Not only that, as this Blue Light comes from all screens and LED lighting, we are exposed to hours of this type of light every day.

Lensologys unique lenses can block this harmful light so it doesn’t ever reach your eyes. Unlike alternative Blue Light Blocking lenses from elsewhere, our lenses will ALSO protect you from UVA and UVB rays – even though the lens is virtually clear!

Our Blue Light Blocking lenses will boost your eye health, concentration and vision during the day AND help you sleep better at night.

Standard Lenses (no protection)
Blue Light Protection Lenses
Become a Brainy Blue Light Blocking Boffin
At the extreme ends of the light spectrum are two kinds of invisible light – Infra Red and Ultra Violet.  There is no doubt Ultra Violet light is harmful to our eyes (and skin!).  We therefore all look for Sunglasses (and Lotions) that protect us from these rays.  Over exposure to UV light will damage our retinas leading to a variety of eye problems.

Blue Light is very close in wavelength to these rays. UVA rays have the shortest wavelength, followed by UVB, then Blue light.  We can escape UV light by being indoors, but we will be bombarded by Blue Light which comes from artificial lighting, computer screens, laptops, tablets and phones – again causing eye strain, headaches and interfering with our sleep patterns as Melatonin release is subdued.

The good news is that we have our very own specialised lens that will protect you from all the dangers above.  Despite being a virtually clear lens you will be protected from all three types of harmful light both outdoors and inside.  Not only that, our lenses protect you from light coming from BOTH sides of the lens – not only that coming directly through the lens, but also light reflected from the back of the lens.

Blue-Light Protect Lens Features

Block Blue Light
Eliminate Glare
Block UV Light
Resist Scratches
Resist Fingerprints & Smudges
Repels Water Liquids
Repels Dust Particles
Reduce Colour & Image Distortion

What You Need To Know

Can I reglaze my glasses with blue light blocking lenses?

Absolutely! Our technicians have developed an advanced blue light blocking lens which will improve vision when looking at screens whilst also protecting your eye health and preserving your natural sleep patterns. This high-performance lens additionally protects you from UV light – unlike competing products.

Our digital lenses can be an addition to any other lens type. Whether you have single vision, bifocals, or Varifocals, you can also be protected against blue and UV light from as little as £10.00 on top of your usual cost.

With Lensology you can have a pair of glasses that really does EVERYTHING, using ANY frame you want.

woman wearing blue light glasses

Protection for Kids during Lockdown

It’s hard enough to limit screen time for children these days with YouTube, Instagram, Games and Television being so popular. Even very studious kids will spend long periods of time researching things on the internet. On top of this, at the moment, our children’s schooling involves yet more screen time as all learning and socialising is done remotely.

Daily screen time has soared over the last few weeks. Fortunately, Lensology have a solution.

Our screen glasses will protect kids’ eyes by filtering out all the harmful blue light they are being exposed to, boosting their energy and concentration during the day whilst also helping them to sleep better at night. We can supply non-prescription lenses to under 16’s so that EVERY SINGLE CHILD can be protected.

How much do Blue Light lenses cost?

Our prices are often 70% less than the High Street as we are supplying you with lenses directly from our Lab. Our Blue Light Blocking lenses are not only cheaper than anywhere else, they additionally offer protection against UV light which similar products do not.

Adding Blue Light protection to your usual prescription when you have your existing frames reglazed with us will cost from just £10.00 more than our Basic Anti-Glare.

Alternatively, you can choose a ready-made non-prescription pair from our BRAND NEW RANGE. This means that everybody can benefit from Screen Lenses which protect eyes from Blue Light – Contact Lens Wearers, Children, and anybody who doesn’t ordinarily wear glasses but wants to enjoy fewer headaches, better sleep and improved vision when looking at screens.

blue light lenses in regular glasses frames

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How do blue light glasses work?

Blue light glasses have a coating on the lens that effectively deflects and blocks harmful rays emitted from screens such as computers, TVs, and phones. Blocking these rays and reducing the glare from screens can hold many health benefits.

Can I wear blue light glasses all the time?

Wearing blue light glasses all the time is not at all harmful to your eyes, just be sure to remember that many types of blue light glasses do not protect your eyes from the sun, so they should not be used as sunglasses.

Can I get blue light glasses with a prescription?

Yes, blue light coatings work with prescription lenses since it is a coating that is added to the lens, similar to how anti-scratch lenses work.

Can I add blue light blocking to my current glasses?

Yes, you can reglaze most types of glasses with blue light lenses. You can also add a blue light coating to different types of lenses during the reglazing process, such as bifocals and varifocals, not just single vision lenses.

Can you add blue light coatings to sunglasses?

Yes, you can add blue light lenses to any glasses, including sunglasses, alongside any other prescription or non-prescription needs you may have.

Reglaze your existing glasses with Blue Light Blocking lenses

Looking to keep your existing frames and reglaze your glasses with new blue light lenses? Simply request a free reglazing pack!
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Request A Pack

Fill out our simple form online and we will leap into action, sending you a sturdy box to put your frames in. Postage is prepaid and there is no obligation. Sit tight, you will receive your pack in just a couple of days.
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Place your frames in the box and pop it into any Royal Mail post-box. No journeys into town, no stamps, no fuss. To save time you can add a copy of your prescription or we’d be happy to contact you for it. There is still nothing to pay.
Step 3

Relax whilst we fit your Blue Light Blocking lenses

Our experts will prepare a quote based on your requirements and email it to you. Once you’re happy, sit back and relax whilst we fit your lenses with speed and care before returning them via our secure courier service.

Buy your Blue-Light Blocking glasses here

If you (or somebody you know) are struggling with the effects of staring at screens all day then Lensology has the solution. We have produced some funky modern frames that come complete with our revolutionary Blue-Light Blocking lenses, giving you 24 hour protection.

The range you will see here are non-prescription so are ideal for anyone in the family who doesn’t normally wear glasses but wants protection from harmful Blue Light.  They are equally useful for someone who wears contact lenses and wants protection from sleep disruption, headaches and eye fatigue.

Our children are especially vulnerable at this time with all their schooling and socialising happening via screens, so we have frames especially for them.

All our Chester & Scott packages come complete with Frame, Blue-Light Protect non-prescription lenses, case and calotherm cleaning cloth.

If you like these frames but have a prescription – we can help.
Simply email us at [email protected] for more information.

London Town: £45

Matt Crystal
The Finsbury offers understated chic. You are sophisticated and have a good heart. Possible Scandinavian heritage.
Eye Size: 48mm Depth: 39mm
Bridge Size: 19mm Side Length: 145mm
The Finsbury offers understated chic. You are sophisticated and have a good heart. Possible Scandinavian heritage.
Eye Size: 48mm Depth: 39mm
Bridge Size: 19mm Side Length: 145mm
Choosing frames can be a Risky Business, but not if you choose a classic Wayfarer style. Timeless Fashion is yours with the Kilburn.
Eye Size: 51mm Depth: 39mm
Bridge Size: 18mm Side Length: 140mm
The Camden is the same front as the Kilburn but underlined and in bold.  So cool you might get frostbite.
Eye Size: 51mm Depth: 40mm
Bridge Size: 20mm Side Length: 145mm
The Camden is the same front as the Kilburn but underlined and in bold.  So cool you might get frostbite.
Eye Size: 51mm Depth: 40mm
Bridge Size: 20mm Side Length: 145mm
With the Shoreditch you will either be caught up in an achingly hip photoshoot, or be forced to fight crime on the mean streets of 70’s San Francisco.
Eye Size: 54mm Depth: 46mm
Bridge Size: 17mm Side Length: 140mm

Coast: £55

Boost your IQ by up to 30 points with the Hove. People will assume you know everything and are always right.
Eye Size: 51mm Depth: 42mm
Bridge Size: 19mm Side Length: 140mm
Blue/ Silver
Feeling Blue? The fun and funky Totnes is the destination for you.  Now you are stylish and confident.
Eye Size: 50mm Depth: 38mm
Bridge Size: 18mm Side Length: 140mm
Demi/ Gold
They say its hip to be square, but it’s even chicer to be round like the Hastings. Did I just invent the word chicer? Yes. Refined and classy.
Eye Size: 49mm Depth: 42mm
Bridge Size: 21mm Side Length: 145mm
Crushed Pink
Tenby is cute and kooky (in a good way) – just like you. The colour is huggable pink.
Eye Size: 50mm Depth: 42mm
Bridge Size: 18mm Side Length: 145mm
The Brighton is super hot and extra cool at the same time!  Modern vintage. Exceptional everyday.
Eye Size: 50mm Depth: 42mm
Bridge Size: 20mm Side Length: 140mm
The Hoylake is our tribute to the classic Aviator styles of yesteryear. No flight hours required, you’ll be licensed to thrill straightaway.
Eye Size: 54mm Depth: 43mm
Bridge Size: 15mm Side Length: 140mm

Skreenz: £42

For Girls & Boys
Scarlett (Age 8-13)
Hermione Granger wasn’t staring at screens all day so she didn’t need blue light blocking glasses. If she did, she would choose the Scarlett.
Eye Size: 48mm Depth: 34mm
Bridge Size: 16mm Side Length: 125mm
Ella (Age 8-13)
Protecting your children’s long-term eye health doesn’t need to be dull.  The Ella puts the fun into funky and functional.
Eye Size: 47mm Depth: 37mm
Bridge Size: 17mm Side Length: 130mm
Sam (Age 8-13)
Study doesn’t mean fuddy-duddy.  Your little dudes can rock this classic design whilst safeguarding their precious sleep patterns.
Eye Size: 49mm Depth: 34mm
Bridge Size: 17mm Side Length: 130mm
Theo (Age 8-13)
Black/ Red
Kidz need their ZZZ’s and too much time on screenz will tire their eyez and their brainz and make them zany!  Theo haz the answerz.
Eye Size: 48mm Depth: 32mm
Bridge Size: 16mm Side Length: 130mm
Evie (Age 8-13)
You can’t be too cool for online school. Evie will bring class to the classroom.
Eye Size: 48mm Depth: 34mm
Bridge Size: 16mm Side Length: 125mm
Ted (Age 4-8)
Black/ Red
Extended screen time is a big worry right now – Ted races into action to clear the danger.
Eye Size: 46mm Depth: 30mm
Bridge Size: 16mm Side Length: 130mm
Millie (Age 4-8)
Millie actually loves working and wants to study hard.  Blue light protection helps her concentrate for longer and avoid any eye damage.
Eye Size: 45mm Depth: 34mm
Bridge Size: 16mm Side Length: 125mm
Flori (Age 4-8)
Square-shaped frames work best on triangular or heart-shaped faces so the Flori would be the best choice in this situation.
Eye Size: 44mm Depth: 29mm
Bridge Size: 15mm Side Length: 125mm
Joe (Age 4-8)
Black/ Camo
GI Joe will protect and serve, offering a shield against the Blue Light Bad Guy.
Eye Size: 45mm Depth: 31mm
Bridge Size: 16mm Side Length: 125mm

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