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Convenient and cost effective new lens replacement service without leaving the house!
Choosing frames for your glasses can be expensive and for many, a very individual purchase. Whether you want designer frames or not, you want to feel good in them and they need to work with your lifestyle and look. If you need new lenses but the frames are in good condition and the style you like, you don’t want to have to start the search all over again.

Purchasing new lenses rather than a complete pair of glasses is a cost-effective solution for you to be able to hang on the frames you love. You may want to change your lenses due to damage, prescription change or indeed the budget restrictions of buying a whole new pair of glasses. If only one lens is damaged or changed prescription, then only replace one lens.

At Lensology, we can also fit different types of lenses in your existing frames if you want to transform them into Varifocals or Transition lenses for example. You might want specialised glasses or a spare pair for hobbies, driving or regular computer use. If you want to have prescription lenses added to sunglasses then we can do that too as we offer a full range of polarised, tinted and mirrored lenses.

By Reglazing your existing frame, you are not only saving money, but it is also more environmentally friendly in these times of fast fashion. Replacing your lenses keeps costs down, is more ecological and extends the life of your loved frames. What’s not to love about that!

How It Works
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Fill out our simple form online and we will leap into action, sending you a sturdy box to put your frames in. Postage is prepaid and there is no obligation. Sit tight, you will receive your pack in just a couple of days.
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Send Us Your Glasses

Place your frames in the box and pop it into any Royal Mail post-box. No journeys into town, no stamps, no fuss. To save time you can add a copy of your prescription or we’d be happy to contact you for it. There is still nothing to pay.
Step 3

Get New Lenses

Our experts will prepare a quote based on your requirements and email it to you. Once you’re happy, sit back and relax whilst we fit your lenses with speed and care before returning them via our secure courier service.
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New lenses for both your new and existing frames with minimal effort

Purchasing your new lenses with Lensology isn’t the only way of saving money on your glasses. If you are looking for a brand-new pair, you can find on-trend, designer and non-designer frames both online and at selected retailers. Once you have found the perfect frame, request a pack and send them to us to complete.

At Lensology You can choose whether to have your existing frames Reglazed or have your prescription put into any frame you like, without even leaving the house. This is all done easily via Freepost, using a secure box we will send you. We give a 30-day money back guarantee so you can save up to 70% with no hassle, no risk, and most importantly no hard sell.

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New Lenses

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