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The Lensology Hall of Frame is a fun place where we add selfies and videos of our customers showing off their newly reglazed glasses.

The best of these will be showcased on our Hall of Frame and we will pick our favourite at the end of each month, who will then be rewarded with £100.00 worth of gift vouchers.


Simply post a selfie or video, sharing your experience with Lensology and where you got your frames from to either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (links below)

Be sure to tag ‘@’ Lensology and the original supplier of your frames (TK Maxx, Ray-Ban, Amazon, eBay, Specsavers…) in your post, along with the hashtag #LensologyHoF.

You will not be entered without following these steps.

Share a selfie or video with us on social media to enter. See entrance terms for details.

Lensology, no frames too big or too small! 🤓
After my glasses prescription changed last year to varifocals I was left with lots of frames which although I loved, I couldn’t wear! Lensology helped to right that wrong by reglazing my old Alexander Bain and Murray frames with my updated prescription! The customer service was outstanding, the process was quick and easy and the best part was I saved myself a lot of £s (plus helped save the planet) along the way! Thanks again to the Lensology team for their advice, service and huge savings with my high quality lenses!
#lensology #lensologyhof


Lensology, no frames too big or too small! 🤓
After my glasses prescription changed last year to varifocals I was left with lots of frames which although I loved, I couldn’t wear! Lensology helped to right that wrong by reglazing my old Alexander Bain and Murray frames with my updated prescription! The customer service was outstanding, the process was quick and easy and the best part was I saved myself a lot of £s (plus helped save the planet) along the way! Thanks again to the Lensology team for their advice, service and huge savings with my high quality lenses!
#lensology #lensologyhof


Nana Dorothy #skiingnanas @skiingnanas rocking her Pimetta Frames @Lensology lenses #LensologyHoF


Old frames (from @bootsuk) updated by @lensology.co.uk. New frames in the post – highly recommend this excellent service if you want to keep your current frames but need a new prescription #lensologyHoF


Not singing the other 3 or 4 hours of my song list from Pink Floyd, Clapton, Richie, John, Rag n Bone etc! PS Love my Lensology RayBans


Me and pascal enjoying the views with lenses from Lensology. Frames from TKmaxx. Excellent customer service, fantastic prices and top quality lenses even for sunnies.




Thanks lensology.co.uk for sorting some prescription lenses with a matched tint for me and fitting them to these Bolle Graphite frames.


@lensology.co.uk @oakley Brilliant service, excellent product! I was cautious about having my Oakley’s reglazed. The results speak for themselves, I didn’t need to worry at all! Thorough communications and great customer service all the way through. The lenses are perfect and I am looking forward to a summer with these stuck on my face 🙂 Will definitely be recommending the team to my friends and family and will be using them myself again soon. 💯😎 #LensologyHoF


Thanks @Lensology for adding lenses to my glasses. Always happy to support local businesses.


Very happy👌 Thank you @Lensology with #Mexican🇲🇽 #random frames supplier #LensologyHoF #internationallife


Thanks, @Lensology for the reglazing of my prescription into my new @soundcoreaudio smart frames from @AmazonUK. Amazing service. Glasses reglazed in under a week, amazing and quick, great price too! #LensologyHoF


On a tube to #Richmond for an early morning Sunday walk with my 🐶 Sparky.. I had my glasses reglazed with an online website @lensology.co.uk with some frames I bought from @tkmaxxuk… They’re meant to be glazed with UV coating,, anti scratch and anti glare. So far happy with the results and quick service…

Now to find some sunglasses to get fixed up for summer. I like the fact you can pick any pair and just put them in the post box… And it’s a pretty quick
turnaround. 💖 👓 Because. I’m impatient…. 😏😆


Flashback to watching the Euros – great viewing tks to @Lensology &. @BlackEyewear


Really pleased with my new lenses, great job done by @Lensology on my @armani Frames #icanseeagain #lensologyHofF


Happy Easter everyone! 🐣🐰New glasses from @lensology.co.uk
Hassle free and cheap re-glazing! £230 beautiful Sandro frame for just £24.99 from @tkmaxxuk Say what?! 😲 #lensology #lensologyhof


Pink frames by @DrewBarrymore FLOWER @Walmart and my perfect prescription lenses added by @Lensology 👓💕 #lensologyHOF


@Lensology #lensologyHoF these are about my 10th pair getting reglazed fantastic service as always.


@Lensology #lensologyHoF #tkmaxx – perfect pair – my mum and I both buy frames from TKMaxx and reglaze at Lensology, pricing such good value 1/3rd of cost quoted in store; reglaze all shapes – loving mum and daughter time, precious moments x


Nice to have some sunshine for a few days! All ready with the shades from @rayban and @lensology.co.uk #lensologyhof


Just had my glasses reglazed by Lensology. I went to Vision Express for an eye test and they were charging far too much for reglazing so I checked online. Lensology provided a great service and the pricing allowed me to get Transitions & Anti Glare Lenses + Scratch Resistance. Original frames are from Specsavers

@Bitnam Singh Khalsa

New lens from @lensology.co.uk in my Silhouette frames #lensologyhof Very Happy!


SS Vibes and shout out to @lensology.co.uk for adding the lenses on my new frame so quicky! awesome service, highly recommend! #lensologyhof


I don’t often recommend companies but I have had repeated positive experiences with Lensology who added prescription lenses to this pair I bought from Amazon.co.uk . They are inexpensive and a quick turnaround through the post. I love the shape of these glasses for my face shape and they compliment the black collar of my sailing jacket very nicely. All set and ready for sailing in Sicily! X


Loving my new glasses from LENSOLOGY …. Great job #lensologyhof


I don’t normally do “This service is great” posts but, as I have a tricky, strong and lopsided prescription I have had issues with online glazing services before. So the fact that @lensology.co.uk did such a good job of reglazing and servicing my @julioeyewear frames that they’re like new is great #LensologyHoF


𝙸 𝚊𝚖 𝚠𝚘𝚖𝚊𝚗.
#LensologyHoF @lensology.co.uk @specsavers #directionshair #curlyhair


#LensologyHoF. #lensology I found these frames.. Quite literally. On the pavement. Made by eye respect. Re-glazed by lensology. They did an excellent job.

@James H Bardwell

Zaragoza vibes! I love my new shades from @nakedwolfe_man got them on @tkmaxxuk and @lensology.co.uk fixed them properly with the right lenses. #thankyou #lensologyhof #uk #excellentcustomerservice


Loving my re-glazed glasses. Fantastic efficient service with friendly people. I have already recommended you to friends Now all I need is some sun! 😎☀️#lensologyhof


@lensology #lensologyhof @tigerspecs As usual, outstanding customer service at lensology (thanks Callum and colleagues for the additional help I needed regarding the utter shit storm that is @specsavers). Been with Lensology for years even before the name change. Always get the prescription checked afterwards and it’s bang on. Absolutely loyal to you now. Not prepared to look elsewhere as you are easy to deal with and a lot cheaper too. Up your game Specsavers!


What an amazing week with my incredible fam! A few phrases sum up the week… #UhOh #YASQueen #MyKnees and most importantly… #MeNoShare
⛷ @dare2b_sports 🧢 @bycharlesking 👓 @lensology.co.uk reglazed @specsavers frames #lensologyhof


Finally some fun in the sun!!!

So glad I got my favourite pair of @officialmauijim sunglasses reglazed by @lensology.co.uk , I no longer have to choose between being able to see in my glasses, or having protection by the sun by wearing sunglasses, now I have both!


Chill day at home today as have to get up a 5.30am tomorrow 😱😱😱😱😱

How cool and random are these new earrings from @dinkydotsdollhouse?

Glasses @ebay_uk then lenses by @lensology.co.uk #lensologyhof

Who has ever won a goldfish in a bag at a fair? Remember when they used to do that, poor fish!


Not a day goes by without someone stopping me to ask where I got these glasses from. The answer is that they are one of the several pairs from @oliverbonas I’ve had reglazed with my prescription by @lensology.co.uk

I started using them as no high street optician was willing to glaze my vintage frames.


Shout out to @lensology.co.uk for the first class service reglazing my Tom Ford Fausto frames, bought from @shadestationgroup


Buy your favourite designer frames from @tkmaxxuk and get them easily glazed with @lensology.co.uk.

Such quick, easy and cheaper option for getting lenses fitted in your own frames.
#lensologyhof #gucciframes


#lensologyhof – loving life in my newly glazed glasses; different franes do affordable I can choose to suit my mood and experiment with frame shaped – today was a sunny, breezy loving life vibe – loving my specs – thank you !!


💞 My happiness

#family #travel #italy #lensologyhof #lensologyHoF


Fancy Frames ~ Thank you @lensology.co.uk for fitting prescription lenses into these gorgeous @guess frames which I originally bought as sunglasses from @tkmaxxuk Great service at an affordable price!


Thank you Lensology for my new lenses. The frames are Oakley thump given to me by Mark Patrick. #LensologyHoF.


I had top of the world service from Lensology, who fitted photochromic lenses in my old frames that had come from Specsavers. I cannot recommend them enough. #LensologyHoF – so here I am showing them off, feeling on top of the world!! 😊😊 — in Stow on the Wold.


@lensology.co.uk @anthropologie


All ready for work with a fresh Barnet!


Glasses reglaze by @lensology was a success! I loved my frames but just wanted blue light blockers to stop headaches from screen usage. And they work! Only took 5 days for the reglaze as well, lovely company. Frames are Flower Eyewear #LensologyHoF


Old frames (@specsavers) ….new lenses 👓 updated by #lensologyhof Excellent customer service and a great, cost effective way to update an old pair of specs with a speedy turnaround 🤓 Highly recommended 🌟❤️


Recieved my reglazed glasses back from lensology. What a fab professional service at an affordable price. Great communication and fast turnaround #LensologyHoF glasses purchased from Vision Express frames LKBennett.


Friyay! So glad the week is over 😁 #bringontheweekend 🎉🎊💖✅✅✅
Loving this picture shot by @yourpixelspro wearing my @balenciaga glasses from @tkmaxxuk. The lenses were fitted by @lensology.co.uk and delivered on the day of this #shoot!! I spoke to a member of the team who assured me that I would get the specs before the photo session started – and dpd delivered it first thing that saturday morning! Go team lensology👍🏾


Many thanks to Lensology for making a fantastic job fitting new lenses to my Oakley frames I purchased from TK Maxx saving me a fortune.. 🤓 👍🏽


Second pair of frames reglazed by the superstar guys @Lensology, reused my fav @Specsavers frame. Having worked in optics before this service is 10/10. Perfect quality, vision PERFECT! Will absolutely keep using this service.


Our new sunglasses 😎 Thank you TK Maxx for the frames and Lensology for the top quality reglazing. You are the best 👍🏻☀️


New spectacles ‘@’ Lensology frames from Amazon #LensologyHoF.


Baby it’s cold outside… Frames @karen_millen from @specsavers. Lenses from the awesome @lensology.co.uk. No fogging here !


Very pleased with @Lensology who reglazed my distinctive round glasses from @TKMaxx_UK


I was thrilled with my new lenses and the service from Lensology. My daughter took a pic of me wearing my Christian Dior sunglasses in Barbados last week. Little did I know that 2 days later my sunglasses would be cast adrift, never to be seen again in the Caribbean Sea after a huge unexpected wave knocked me over. Luckily, my daughter found an almost identical vintage pair on eBay and so I will be requiring the services of Lensology again very soon! Note to self- don’t wear your sunglasses in the sea 🙈


Thank you Lensology for reglazing my Specsavers Red or Dead frames when Specsavers did not want to know! You did an awesome job, giving me perfect vision, using my latest prescription, you matched my very different right and left eyes beautifully. Highly recommended. #lensologyhof


maybe the easiest way to order amazing glasses and any/all the bells and whistles you could want with a lens? Sooooooii addictive x


My frames are from ASOS for a bargain £8 then reglazed by Lensology. Great service for a great price Sparkling heart


My new lenses from @Lensology using my vintage frames from @antiquevintagefair


My 20-year-old Ray-ban wayfarers re-lifed by Lensology, fantastic service and brilliant to be able to use my favourite sunglasses again.


Great attention to detail in both product and service from Lensology. First-class throughout… Armani frames from @visionexpress


How much fun can bring the new pair of designer glasses from @tkmaxxuk All I needed to do is send it to @lensology.co.uk for a replacement! And voila!


I can’t thank @lensology.co.uk enough for my new glasses lenses. The frames are from @tkmaxxuk. I sent the frames to Lensology hassle-free to put in my prescription lenses, and within a week had my glasses back. I saved a fortune compared to high street retailers. Highly recommend and will definitely be using Lensology again.


I sent these Specsavers’s frames, which clearly didn’t suit me, to Lensology and now I can see perfectly.


Massive shout out to Lensology who have literally saved me hundreds on my new specs!! Quoted over £300 by a chain store ophthalmologist these guys reglazed my new frames for under £40 🤩🤩🤩 (frames from an independent optician’s John Hamer Opticians ) Amazing personalised and fast online service from another independent found on Facebook ❤️


Love my Lensology glazed glasses. They are amazing value for money and I wouldn’t go anywhere else now. They hold your hand thru the whole process of sending off your old glasses, choosing the correct lenses and paying for and receiving your newly reglazed glasses. Awesome customer service. Thank you Lensology. Frames from Specsavers


Glasses from @TKMaxx_UK and lenses from @Lensology. I have been sending several frames to Lensology since I found them on the TKMaxx website 2 years ago and the service always amazed me, they are quick responses, always willing to help and their prices are really fair!


I took a chance on Lensology when all the high street opticians turned me away and wouldn’t touch my Gucci frames lensology stepped up and sorted me out! I was so impressed with them from start to finish that I got a spare pair of Gucci frames fitted with lenses too! And recommended to friends and family. Great company, avoid Specsavers, vision express etc. If you have designer frames these are your people!


Newly re-lensed glasses getting a good workout here. At least I can see them coming now! Thanks @lensology.co.uk. Saved me a bundle and fast work too. Highly recommended! Will be using again for my sunny. Frames from @specsavers# lensologyhof


Loving being able to see on my rides thanks to @lensology.co.uk and my frames from @westbiking.shop


When I hear boat ride: 💸💸💸


#weekendvibes @tkmaxxuk @lensology.co.uk