Ray-Ban Meta Lenses with Lensology

We supply prescription and replacement lenses for Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses worldwide.
Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer Glasses with prescription lenses
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Custom Prescriptions
Guaranteed Best Price
Express Global Shipping
Custom Prescriptions

Replacement Ray-Ban Meta Lenses

As the UK’s leading online reglazing company, our technicians replace your Wayfarer, Skyler or Headliner Ray-Ban Meta lenses like for like. Or, we can enhance them with our huge selection of lens types, coatings and tints. No matter where you are in the world, we can create and deliver bespoke Ray-Ban Meta lenses to you.
Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

‘Click & Fit’ Worldwide Service    RECOMMENDED

Simply pop-in your bespoke lenses yourself!

Our expert technicians will create your custom lenses at our state-of-the-art lab before shipping them to you with instructions on how to pop them in your frames. There is no need to send us your Ray-Ban Meta frames.

We have all the Ray-Ban Meta frames and sizes at our lab, so we’ll make sure your new lenses are a perfect fit for your frames before shipping these to you!


VIDEO: How To Pop-Out Ray-Ban Meta Lenses

VIDEO: How To Pop-In Your New Ray-Ban Meta Lenses

Send Us Your Meta Frames    ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE UK

Our Reglazing Service

For UK customers, we still recommend using our ‘Click & Fit’ service, however, you can send us your Ray-Ban Meta frames by requesting a pack and we’ll create your new custom lenses and fit them to your Meta frames for you. We’ll ship your reglazed frames back to you ready to wear via our speedy and secure courier service.

Non-Prescription Ray-Ban Meta Lenses

Want to extend the lifespan and quality of your Ray-Ban Meta lenses? We can help you with that, too. Our lenses are made using our premium ULTIMA range, boasting a range of benefits, such as anti-scratch and anti-smudge, for undisturbed viewing. You can also customise your Ray-Ban Metas by reglazing the lens to any colour and gradient or upgrading to Transitions®, polarised, anti-glare and blue light lenses.

Prescription Ray-Ban Meta Lenses

Experience the full potential of Ray-Ban Meta with our high-quality prescription lenses, available in single-vision, bifocal, or varifocal options. Tailored to your specific visual needs, our lenses ensure you enjoy every feature Ray-Ban Meta has to offer.

Crafted in-house at our UK lab, we provide top-notch lenses at a fraction of the cost found elsewhere. While our lenses do not feature the Ray-Ban logo, they deliver an exceptional viewing experience with a variety of lens types, coatings, and tints to choose from.

Our Lenses

Get the most from your Ray-Ban Meta glasses with the lens best suited to your needs.

Clear & Tinted Lenses

We have multiple options to tint and customise your Ray-Ban Meta glasses.

Transitions® Lenses

Transform your Ray-Ban Meta frames into versatile everyday glasses with Transitions® lenses.

Looking for something more unique? Speak to our friendly experts for more customisation options or to discuss your requirements.


Our ULTIMA Lens Features

We use our premium lens range, ULTIMA, for all-day comfort whilst wearing your Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. These are our highest-quality lenses, offering the best clarity for the wearer.


Super scratch resistance




UV block




Easy cleaning


12 months damage guarantee

Priority Processing (for single vision stock lenses)

Need help choosing the right lens?

Speak to our friendly experts to discuss your Ray-Ban Meta lens requirements. We’ll need your prescription (if applicable), then our team will discuss the best lens index for your preferences to deliver a comfortable viewing experience.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Worldwide Shipping

Shipping Costs

Below are our prices for professionally cut and edged lenses that will be shipped ready for you to ‘pop in’ to your Ray-Ban Meta frames. 


Next Day / £6.95



2-4 working days / £10.00



2-4 working days / £10.00



2-4 working days / £10.00



4-6 working days / £10.00



6-7 working days / £10.00


New Zealand

6-7 working days / £10.00


South Africa

6-7 working days / £10.00


United Arab Emirates

4-6 working days / £10.00


All import tax and customs fees are covered by Lensology

For any other countries not listed please contact us.

Order Your ‘Click & Fit’ Lenses Now

Once you submit your order, we will provide you with a no-obligation quote based on your responses, which you can use to make your payment. If you need to make any amendments, please email us with the details.

If you are in the UK and would prefer to send us your Meta frames, please request a pack.

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Your Portal to the Future of Smart Glasses

The next generation of smart glasses is here! Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are the latest collaboration between Ray-Ban and Meta, revolutionising how we view, interact with, and experience the world. Using Ray-Ban’s iconic Wayfarer, Headliner and Skyler frames, these statement smart glasses allow you to seamlessly merge the real and digital world right before your eyes.
A woman wearing Ray-Ban Meta Headliners
Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

What Is Ray-Ban Meta?

Teaming up with the genius minds at Meta, Ray-Ban Meta combines stylish eyewear with next-gen technology. Optimising the infamous Wayfarer, Skyler and Headliner frames, they boast an array of digital enhancements so wearers can seamlessly incorporate smart glasses with everyday living.

The tech inside the Ray-Ban Meta frames allows you to watch videos at the tap of a finger, live stream to your socials, and discreetly take calls without touching a phone. They boast a 12MP camera, 5 super speakers, screen sharing, video editing, and so much more, all within your glasses frame.

Ray-Ban Meta Technical Specifications

Ultra-wide 12mp lens
HD quality
Video Res 1080 px+
30 mins livestreaming
Panoramic, landscape, portrait or square capture
Easy social uploads

5-mic audio system
Open-ear audio
Discreet, directed sound
Rich sound quality
Superior speakers
Extended base & maximum volumes
Better call clarity

Portable charging case
Up to eight case charges
24h full charge
Quick 50% charge in 30 mins
195 gr
Wifi and Bluetooth enabled

4 GB:
Holds 50+ videos
(30 seconds)
Automated editing
Holds 500+ photos
(4 frame burst)

32 GB:
Holds 100+ videos (30 seconds)
Automated editing
Holds 500+ photos (3 frame burst)

Toggle between phone & glasses
Hands-free communication
Call, WhatsApp & email
Voice commands
Touch control
Double tap to listen to music, call, or share your view

Why Use Lensology?

We believe in affordable eyewear, and that includes the Meta world, too! So, we’ve used our skillset to provide cost-effective prescription and non-prescription lenses that fit perfectly into your Wayfarer, Skyler, or Headliner Ray-Ban Meta glasses.
Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in a Wayfarer and Headliner frame
Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses with transitional lenses

Ray-Ban vs Lensology Prescription Lenses

Purchasing lenses directly from Ray-Ban may seem like a simpler choice, but their prescription service is very restrictive, and the range of lenses is very limited. Additionally, they come at a significantly higher cost than our Lensology service.

Although our lenses don’t have the Ray-Ban logo, they offer a lot more, including our premium ULTIMA features, prescription lenses, and a range of protective lens finishes such as coloured tints, blue light protection, Transitions® or polarised lenses.


Do I have to send you my Ray-Ban Meta frames?
Nope. You can keep your frames at home with you. We only require the size and style of your Meta frames, your optical prescription and any additional lens coatings you want. We’ll then create your bespoke lenses and test them with our in-house Meta frames before securely sending them to you.
Do you reglaze lenses for Wayfarer, Skyler and Headliner frames?

Yes, we do! We supply prescription and non-prescription lenses for the Wayfarer (large and medium), Headliner and Skyler ranges of Ray-Ban Meta frames.

Do you ship Ray-Ban Meta frames internationally?

Absolutely! We’re delighted to ship your bespoke cut lenses ready for you to fit into your own Meta frames. Shipping costs and delivery times will vary from country to country, but we cover all customs taxes and charges.

What are Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses?

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are the latest collaboration of fashion and tech. Designed in Ray-Ban’s classic Wayfarer, Skyler and Headliner frames, they allow the wearer to interact with the world around them wherever they are, from taking photos, editing videos, listening to music or streaming TV via a screen displayed in front of them.

What features do Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses offer?

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses have several incredible features, such as:

  • Receive calls
  • Send emails
  • 30 mins live-streaming
  • Instant social media posting
  • 5 microphones for enhanced sound quality
  • 32 GB storage
  • 20 min quick charge
    How do Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses work with augmented reality?
    Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses optimise AI technology and locational software to remove limitations. So, no matter where you are, you can immerse into any real or virtual world – allowing you to communicate with, stream from and post to different platforms no matter where you are.
    How much are Ray-Ban Meta lenses?
    The cost of Ray-Ban Meta lenses comes down to your prescription requirements and lens preferences. Once you upload your specifications, we’ll contact you to discuss your options and provide a quote. However, because we keep everything in-house, our reglazing service provides a much more affordable and quicker service for Ray-Ban Meta lenses.
    Do you supply prescription Ray-Ban Meta lenses?

    Yes, we do! As the UK’s leading online reglazing company, we provide prescription and non-prescription lenses for your Wayfarer, Skyler and Headliner Ray-Ban Meta glasses.

    How do I fit my new lenses into my Ray-Ban Meta frames?

    When your new lenses are delivered, you’ll also receive instructions on how to easily remove your existing lenses and securely insert your new lenses into your Ray-Ban Meta frames. Don’t worry, it’s very simple to do and our experts are always here to help you if you have any questions or need additional help.

    If you would like to see how easy it is to remove and fit lenses to your Meta frames, check out our Youtube channel via https://www.youtube.com/@lensology7647/videos

    Are Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses compatible with smartphones?
    Yes, they are! By syncing your Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses to your smartphone app, you’re no longer restricted to a laptop. Offering you portable convenience to answer calls, send emails and post to socials whilst on the go.
    How is user privacy addressed with Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses?
    When you download the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses app, you agree to the terms and conditions of their parent company, Luxottica and Facebook. Data is not collected directly from the glasses or app, but any account information you share is passed between them for customer service purposes and marketing insights.