Lenses FAQs

Q. What fitting measurements do you require?


Single Vision (normal lenses)


  • If you know what your Pupil Distance is, please let us know when you send us your glasses.
  • If the glasses you send us already have your lenses in them, we can take the measurements from that.
  • If the frame is brand new, then you could send us another frame that has your prescription in it.  We can take the Pupil Distance from the old pair. We will return both your old and new frames when completed.
  • You can take a photograph of yourself wearing your glasses and we can take the measurements from the photograph. (See next question in FAQ’s)

Varifocals or Bifocals


  • If the glasses you send us already have Varifocal lenses in them, we can take the measurements from those lenses.
  • If the frame is brand new, then you can send us another frame that has your Varifocal prescription in them, and we can take the fitting measurements from them and return both when completed.
  • You can take a photograph of yourself wearing your glasses and we can take the measurements from the photograph. (see next question in FAQ’s)
Q. What is the best way to supply you with a photograph so you can obtain my pupil measurement?


We have been obtaining extremely accurate results from the following method for many years.


Before you post us your frames.


  • Provide us with an image of you wearing the glasses you want us to glaze.
  • Ensure your eyes are open and you are looking straight at the camera
  • Don’t look up or down, or to the left or the right, straight ahead please.
  • The image should be far enough away so we can check your head is in a natural position.


Once the Pupil Distance Picture has been taken.


  • Email the picture to us ahead of you sending your frames so we can validate the image for Pupil Distance.
  • Use the email address [email protected] stating your name and your address & post code.
  • We will email you back and let you know that the picture is suitable. Then you can post your frames to us.


Situations where a photograph is not necessary.


  • If the prescription lenses in the frame that’s being glazed are yours and you are replacing old for new there is no need for a photograph. We can take the measurements from the old lenses.
  • If your lenses are Single Vision and you know your Pupil Distance already and are sure it’s 100% accurate we do not need a photograph.
  • If you know your PD but your lenses are Varifocal or Bi-Focal then we still need a photograph as we need to measure the height of your pupil in relation to the frame depth.
  • If in doubt send a photograph anyway, better safe than sorry.


If you are still confused, please do call us and we will walk you through the process. 

Q. How long does it take if my glasses are single vision lenses like Everyday lenses or Readers?

Most stock Single Vision lenses are likely to take no more than 5-7 working days which is much quicker than our competitors. If you need your glasses back more quickly you can opt for lenses from our ULTIMA range. This will fast track your lenses to within just 24-48 hours of payment. Our ULTIMA range is of the highest specification and quality and we stock thousands of lenses, covering clear lenses, sunglass lenses and Transition lenses. Our ULTIMA range of lenses also come complete with a 12 month warranty, so if you scratch or damage them we will replace them free of charge.

Q. How long does it take if my glasses are Bi-focals, Varifocals or something more complicated?

A. For non-stock single vision or any other type of custom-made lenses such as varifocals or bifocals, you can expect to wait up to 10 working days with the exception of mirror finish lenses which can take up to three weeks. Customers who opt for our premium best and state of the art Omni-Vision HD Varifocal will have their glasses automatically fast tracked and can expect to have them dispatched within just 4-5 working days. If you have a specific date that you need your glasses returned by, then please let us know and we will always endeavour to help.

Q. Do you supply lenses for Sunglasses?

A. Yes, we do. We supply solid tints, graduated tints, polarized tints, sun reactive lenses and mirror finish lenses. These can be supplied for both non-prescription lenses as well as prescription single vision lenses, bifocals and varifocals. If you are unsure what you have or need we can assist you, or match what is already in the frames.



 One colour throughout the lens. The stock range colours are Grey, Green/Grey or Brown. On request we can also tint most colours like pink, blue, yellow and so on.  We can send you a colour chart to choose from.



The lenses can be made to be darker at the top, gradually fading down to a light tint or clear tint at the bottom of the lens. These are all custom made and can be supplied with the same range of colour options as solid tints.



Polarised lenses block glare from light reflecting off the surface of water or snow better than any other type of sunglass lenses. But Polarised lenses aren’t just for sporty people and drivers. Anyone who is bothered by glare outdoors can benefit from these advanced sunglass lenses. They are custom made and available in a choice of three colours, Grey, Brown and Green/Grey.



These are market-leading lenses that turn to a dark sunglass tint when exposed to the sunshine and go almost clear when back indoors. We supply the fastest reacting lenses on the market, Transitions Signature 8. They come in Grey, Brown or Graphite Green and are available from stock in a limited power range. An extensive range is available as custom made, although these will take longer to make than the stock variety.



This can be applied on top of any tinted lens for an additional £35.00. Popular colours are Green, Blue, Silver and Gold. Many other colours are also available.

Q. I wanted Transitions/Sun Reactive lenses but I’ve been told they aren’t effective when driving?

A.  In this case we can supply Transitions XtraActive lenses, which unlike regular Transitions Signature 8 will work well from behind the windscreen of a car. They also go slightly darker and have a quicker reaction time than Transitions Signature 8. This upgrade costs from an additional £40.00 on top of the regular Transitions lenses and is available in Grey, Brown and Graphite Green.

Q. Do the lenses you supply help reduce glare when driving at night?

A. We can supply you with our specialist SmartDrive range of lenses which make driving more comfortable and safer, especially at night and in poor weather conditions. We also have a branded version that helps with this from Carl Zeiss and these are called DriveSafe lenses. The SmartDrive coating option can be applied in addition to other coating options for varifocals or ordered as a single vision product.

Q. Do you supply lenses that protect my eyes when using devices with a screen, like laptops, PC’s, tablets and phones?

A. Yes, we do and it’s becoming a more and more popular option. It’s an upgrade coating called “Blue-Light Protect” and we can apply it to most of our lens options. Blue light is produced naturally by the sun but also generated by computer monitors, smartphone screens and other digital devices. Even though it does have some beneficial effects, overexposure and too much blue light at night especially can lead to vision issues, eye strain and sleeping problems. Our Blue-Light Protect range of lenses have a multi-layer design that reduces glare and reflects blue light away from the lens which helps to relieve long-term eye strain caused by modern day overuse of electronic devices. This additional protection can be added to most Anti-Glare options for just an extra £10.00

Q. Do you supply non-prescription lenses?

A. Yes, we supply many non-prescription lenses. We supply non-prescription sunglasses which can be made in solid, graduated or polarized tint options which can all have a mirror finish added. Many of our customers also come to us as they need plain clear lenses for wearing glasses as a fashion item. Also, non-prescription blue light filter lenses which reduce fatigue and eye-strain from prolonged screen use has become very popular over the last couple of years. Many of us here at Lensology are working on computers all day long and we swear by them.

Q. What is the difference between distance, intermediate and near lenses?

A. Distance correcting lenses, also referred to as ‘everyday lenses’ are used by people who have trouble focusing on objects at a far distance. If you wear glasses for driving or watching TV, then they are probably distance correcting glasses. Near vision lenses which are used in reading glasses are used to correct vision for people who have trouble focusing on close up objects, such as books or a newspaper. Intermediate glasses are most frequently used by people who spend a lot of time looking at the computer screen or other such activities that are at arm’s length.

Q. Are all single vision lenses the same quality?

A. No, they are not. Lensology supply basic generic lenses with any required coatings, and they are perfectly acceptable and good, but we can also supply premium single vision lenses with some of the best lens coatings available. These are often made from thin, lightweight and more durable materials. For example, our ULTIMA range of lenses comes with a 12 month guarantee against scratching and damage. Our very best lenses are the type that most glasses wearers might have avoided in the past as they were so expensive, but with our extremely competitive  pricing they are now much more affordable.

Q. What are high index lenses? Do I need them?


The stronger your prescription, the thicker and heavier the lenses will naturally be. You can compensate for this by ordering higher index lenses. How thick the lenses will be is also dependent on the dimensions of the frame you are sending to us. In our online quotations, we do recommend what we believe will be the best-looking outcome for your prescription. Higher index lenses will be more durable and lighter in addition to being slimmer.

With our ULTIMA Upgrade Offer, we upgrade your lens index to the next best option when ordering lenses from our ULTIMA-Anti-Glare range.


Lens Index

  • Standard 1.5 index is basic thickness.


  • Thin 1.60 High Index Lenses are on average 20% slimmer and lighter than basic 1.5 index lenses and are the minimum lens required for rimless glazing. This is because standard index lenses are too brittle to withstand being glazed into a Rimless (Frameless) type of frame.


  • Thinner 1.67 High Index Lenses are on average 33% slimmer and lighter than basic 1.5 index lenses.


  • Thinnest 1.74 High Index Lenses are on average 45% slimmer and lighter than basic 1.5 index lenses.


If you choose from the ULTIMA range to take advantage of the index upgrade keep in mind that ULTIMA lenses as standard come with a “no quibbles” 12 month warranty protecting your lenses against any mishaps or misfortune that may cause damage to your lenses. And to top it off if you choose ULTIMA lenses, they are made, glazed and dispatched within just 24-48 hours!

If you are not concerned with the weight and look of the lenses, we’ll still be happy to offer you the most basic lenses to suit your budget although we’ll still communicate what we think is suitable so that you can make an informed decision.

Q. What is your ULTIMA Upgrade Offer?


Something that we run at various times throughout the year is our “ULTIMA Upgrade Offer”, this means that when you opt for any of our ULTIMA Anti-Glare lenses you are then upgraded to Slimmer, Lighter and Tougher lenses free of charge.

For example, if you order “Standard” 1.5 ULTIMA you will be upgraded to “Thin” 1.6 ULTIMA, if you order “Thinner” 1.67 ULTIMA you will be upgraded to “Thinnest” 1.74 ULTIMA”.

As well as this ULTIMA lenses as standard come with a “no quibbles” 12 month warranty protecting your lenses against any mishaps or misfortune that may cause damage to your lenses. And to top it off if you choose ULTIMA lenses, they are made, glazed and dispatched within just 24-48 hours! (for stock range single vision lenses only)

This particular offer is called Free Thin & Light Lens Upgrade,  so keep your eyes on the “Special Offers” section of our website for when we are running this or any other Lensology deals.

Q. What does single vision and varifocal mean? What’s the difference?

A. Single vision means the lenses provide just one type of focus for the eyes. This may be for distance or for reading, and sometimes for specific intermediate (midrange) use such as computers etc. Varifocals and other types of multi-focal lenses provide more than one type of focus in the same lens. In the case of bi-focals, this covers distance and reading, or with varifocals it covers distance, intermediate and reading combined.

Q. I am concerned about trying varifocals for the first time. What if I cannot adapt to wearing them?

A. There is generally an adjustment period for first time Varifocal wearers, this can be from as little as five minutes to as long as two weeks in very rare cases. If you are struggling to cope with the change, one of our friendly experts will happily advise and guide you through the process of wearing this type of lens for the first time. In the unlikely outcome that you just cannot adjust to Varifocals then we can either swap for an alternative lens type and refund you any difference in cost, or if you prefer, refund you in full.

Q. Is there an advantage to buying higher quality lenses, aren’t they all the same?

A. There is a huge advantage to buying higher quality lenses.

With single vision lenses you get improved clarity of vision and the general aesthetic appeal of a slimmer and lighter lens compared to the standard variety. Higher quality lenses also have superior lens coatings which are better at reducing reflections, easier to keep clean and are much more scratch resistant.

We believe passionately that our service makes higher quality products more affordable and feel strongly that quality pays off in the long run.

With varifocals the benefits of paying for better quality is a better field of vision and natural ease of use. Our Best varifocal – the Omni-Vision HD – has the following benefits not found with inferior Varifocals.


1) Half the price of the High Street equivalent for this level of design.
2) Cutting edge “freeform” design varifocal
3) Much less “Swim & Sway” than with lower end varifocals
4) Much less distortion, especially in the peripheral parts of the lens
5) Easier side-to-side head movement
6) Larger distance and reading zones, and a much wider intermediate zone.
7) Natural blend across all focal points providing greater comfort.
8) Fast adaptation for previous single vision or bifocal wearers.
9) 100% no quibble satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not happy with them we will either swap them or refund you.

Q. Why are some varifocals a lot cheaper than others, and how come some places offer “free” varifocals while others charge a fortune?

A. The simple answer is, you get what you pay for. Often the free service varifocals are really poor quality.

Lensology offer even the most technologically advanced varifocals for far less than they would be from one of our competitors, making the best much more affordable.

Q. How much better are high end varifocals compared to low end ‘free’ ones?

A. Varifocal lenses, unlike single vision lenses have to provide three different levels of eye correction that blend into a single lens. This is not an easy thing to manufacture and due to the complexity of the lens, it is difficult to create without some level of “distortion”.

Lower end varifocals have a lot of peripheral distortion leaving only a small part of the lens which actually works well.

The good news is that even our entry level Digital Freeform Varifocal (DFF) lenses compare favourably with High Street mid-range designs. Our own Omni-Vision HD compare very favourably with the best Varifocal lenses produced by leading manufacturers such as Essilor, Nikon & Hoya and offer minimal distortion.

We always recommend that you spend at the top end of your budget on Varifocal lenses as you will notice a real difference in performance between the mediocre variety and what’s available at the top end. If you’re a varifocal wearer it’s likely you wear your glasses most of the time, so it’s worth investing in the best possible lens within your budget.

Q. Can you provide all types of varifocals?

A. We work with all the main varifocal manufacturers and so can provide the same lenses available elsewhere. However, we are very proud of our own in-house range and our very best varifocal – the Omni-View HD – is comparable to the quality of any top end lens on the market. Our own in-house range offers three main choices, the Digital Freeform (Good), Pro Series (Better) and the Omni-View HD (Best).

We can also supply you with lenses from the main manufacturers such as Essilor, Carl Zeiss, Seiko, Nikon and Hoya. Prices for these branded products are not listed on our website but you can request this information by contacting us.

Q. What are bifocals and can you supply any type?

A. Bifocals are lenses with two elements of vision correction within one lens.  The majority of the lens is for everyday, distance use and there is also a visible reading segment in the lower half of the lens. The most popular bifocal is known as a D28 as the reading segment is in the shape of a D and is 28mm wide.

We can supply other bifocal shapes and sizes such as Executives, R24, R28, R38, D35 and C28 and any others you may have worn in the past. You don’t need to know what type of bifocal you have as we would match what is in your frame already. If you want a different type of bifocal, just let us know.

Q. Do you supply and fit lenses for rimless glasses?

A. Yes we do. Due to the labour-intensive nature of this type of glazing, we apply an additional £10 rimless glazing charge.

Please note that rimless frames also require a minimum of Thin index 1.6 lenses for glazing purposes. Standard index 1.5 CR39 lenses are not strong enough to reliably last within a rimless frame. You can choose any lens above the basic level.

Q. So you can pretty much get any lenses and glaze them into any frame?

A. There are some restrictions and well-known things to avoid, but yes, we can.

Q. I can’t find what I’m looking for on your price guide, does that mean you don’t offer this?

A.  If a lens exists then we can supply it!  We use the same lens suppliers as the high street stores. Contact us if there is anything you would like that isn’t listed.

Q. I think I am more confused now than when I was before?

A. Sorry about that, it’s not our intention to confuse anyone! There are a lot of options and possibilities, but this means We can cater for every individual’s specific needs and requirements.

Feel free to give us a call on 0115 784 5219 and chat to one of our friendly and knowledgeable optical experts who should be able to help. We are here to hold your hand throughout the entire process if necessary. We will offer advice and answer any questions you have, and always in plain English – we promise!

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