Supplementary Charges



For only £5.00 we will MOT and refurbish your frames on request to make them look as new as possible.  This involves an ultrasonic deep clean for all frames.  All moving parts will be tightened and any realignment necessary will be completed.  Metal frames will then have new nose pads and end tips fitted where applicable.  Plastic and acetate frames will be buffed and polished, removing as many scratches and scuffs as possible.

Our Price £5.00    V     High Street Price £15.00 – £20.00

Frame Repairs

We are particularly experienced at fixing damaged frames and take on many such jobs that other companies would not consider.  Our Senior Technicians take great pride in achieving repairs that might be considered impossible.  If you have a frame you want to keep please send it to us and we would love to see how we can help you. Prices will of course depend on the specifics of the work and we will naturally discuss this with you before proceeding.

Price on Application

Bespoke Glazing Fee

For specialist frames that require a bespoke level of care and attention throughout the glazing process. These high-end frames will be under the personal care of our Head Lab Technician to maximize the safety and security of these valuable frames.

Our Price £25.00     V     High Street Price £30.00 + 

Lenses (Charge per Lens)

Our mission is not only to offer lower prices than the High Street, but to also provide more options and a better service. In order to be able to agree to any request anyone can imagine, we will very occasionally need to add a small charge onto unusual orders.

Graduated Tints

These lenses provide a brilliant combination of fashion and function.  A little more work goes into a graduated tint than a standard tint and is in fact done by hand.  We therefore charge a very small amount more for doing this.  It is an extremely worthwhile additional extra.

Our Price £10.00     V     High Street Price £20.00 – £30.00

Prism Lenses

For rare conditions such as Strabismus and Nystagmus, prism lenses may be prescribed by your optician.  These lenses, along with other eye movement disorder corrective lenses will incur an additional charge as we will have to source them individually. They will still be cheaper than any obtained on the High Street where they will also attract an increased charge.

Our Price £5.00         High Street Price £20.00 – £30.00

Non Stock Lenses

We pride ourselves on fulfilling any and all requests for glazing and reglazing. The different lens types, sizes, strengths, thicknesses and finishes are so varied that very occasionally it may be that the option you require is not in our stock range.  In this case we will need a bespoke lens and this will incur an extra charge.  This charge would be applied by anyone carrying out an unusual request – we will add less on than anyone else.

Our Price £5.00        High Street Price £20.00 – £30.00

Glazing/Reglazing (Charge per Frame)

Rimless Glazing

We are rimless glazing experts, having always specialised in this area.  This type of glazing requires a high level of knowledge, expertise and skill to complete successfully and is more labour-intensive than standard glazing.  Consequently, there is a modest extra charge for this service.

Our Price £10.00     V    High Street Price £30.00 – £50.00

Sports and Sunglasses Wrap Frames

In the majority of cases we can glaze and fit lenses in the same way as any conventional frame. A handful of frames will require a bespoke lens – if for example they are particularly large or especially curved.  These lenses will need to be ordered and are more expensive than stock lenses.  The additional charge for this is only half or less than what you would pay elsewhere and only covers our additional expense.  We will not profit from this extra fee.

Our Price £25.00    V    High Street Price £40.00 – £60.00

Oakley Sports Frames

Most Oakley frames can be glazed in the normal way and will not attract a surcharge. Sometimes special base curve and lens materials are required, however.  Extra skill and time is needed to fit these special order lenses and there is therefore an additional charge to pay in these circumstances.  Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to check if the frame you have would be subject to this supplement.

Our Price £25.00         High Street Price £50.00 – £70.00

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