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Transitions® XTRActive® Polarised™ Lenses

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Combining dynamic polarisation with light intelligent lenses to provide a clear, sharper and undisturbed view! Let us fit the best and only photochromic polarised lenses into your favourite frames.
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What Are XTRActive® Polarised™ Lenses?

Transitions® XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses are the BEST transitional lenses on the market. They combine all the incredible features of transitional lenses and incorporate protective polarisation, which blocks any blinding, reflective glare. Ultimately, providing you with a premium lens that enhances your vision no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.

Sharper Vision

XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses remove the reflective glare from smooth surfaces, leaving you with a crisp, clear view of objects and landscapes.

Vivacious Colours

By shielding your eyes from bright light and blinding glare, you see the true contrast and clarity of colours for stunning visual impact.

Wider Viewing

Without that fuzzy glare, you have a full HD view of the picture in front of you. Allowing you to take in every inch without any disruption.

Why Choose XTRActive® Polarised™ Lenses?

Transitions® XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses really do provide a seamless viewing experience. Not only do they swiftly transition from clear to dark to protect your eyes from harmful UV and blue light rays, but they also remove any annoying reflective glare.

This is particularly handy for those sensitive to light or where your lifestyle evolves around smooth surfaces. If you’re driving, running, or skiing, the reflective light off roads, water or snow can be extremely uncomfortable. XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses remove that, leaving you with all the benefits.

A man wearing a pair of Transitions® XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses outside

Transitions® XTRActive® Polarised™ vs XTRActive® Lenses

Both lenses quickly transition from clear to dark when moving from different light settings. They also have quick fade-back times and protect your eyes from harmful rays such as UVA, UVB and Blue-Violet. The only difference is that XTRActive® Polarised™ boasts a polarised lens. This means that along with all the benefits of XTRActive®, you also block any reflective light and glare for a truly flawless viewing experience.

2 x faster fade-back to clear

90% blue-violet block when outside

100% UVA and UVB block

Cat 3 darkness

Stay Safe Whilst Driving

XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses adapt to shield your eyes from UV rays coming through your windscreen, as well as blocking reflective glace that bounces off the road. This prevents any disruption to your line of sight and keeps you safe on the road.

Consistent Blue-Light Protection

These lenses have the highest level of blue-violet protection, blocking up to 90% of blue light while outside. Even when clear, the XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses have a protective coating that shields your eyes from blue light from digital screens without unsettling your view.

Enhance Your Hobbies and Lifestyle

Don’t let blinding light ruin your favourite hobby, prevent you from reaching your PB or leave you tired and stressed. XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses block reflective light from bouncing off smooth surfaces like water or snow, preventing eye strain, squinting, or discomfort.

Express Yourself with XTRActive® Polarised™

Our Transitions® XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses are available in a sleek grey tint. Not only does this shade complement multiple glasses styles, but it also provides a timeless look. Better yet, this grey becomes extra dark, offering the same protection as sunglasses.

Available in 1 iconic colour

Grey  Transitions® XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses


Grey lenses are the most popular colour, creating a chic and sophisticated look.

Transitions® XTRActive® Polarised™ Sunglasses Lenses

These light-intelligent lenses are the ultimate enhancement to any pair of sunnies! Whether you require a prescription lens or not, keep your sunglasses on at all times whilst the XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses adapt to your surroundings. Seamlessly protecting your eyes, they transition to the darkest tint, even in the hottest temperatures.

The Tech Behind The Specs

With years of photochromic lens development, the experts behind the scenes at Transitions® have created the world’s only photochromic polarised lens that we can fit directly into your frames! Building on the success and features of XTRActive®, XTRActive® Polarised™ takes visual comfort and protection a step further by offering a high-definition lens like never before.

A woman wearing Transitions® XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses

Why Are People Switching To Transitions®?

We’re all looking for ways to support our eye health, and Transitions® lenses offer precisely that. Whether you need prescription glasses or not, Transitions® lenses go beyond optical correction by keeping your eyes safe from UV and blue-violet lights at all times, helping improve your vision and lifestyle all at once.

Clarity Indoors

Clear with a protective tint when indoors

Darkness Outdoors

Darkest in hot temperatures


Returns to a clear lens faster than ever

UV Protection

Blocks 100% of UVA and UVB light

Blue Light Protection

Filters blue light indoors & outdoors

How Can Lensology Help?

Just like these premium lenses, at Lensology, we exceed your expectations! Whether you require a prescription lens or are looking to upgrade your sunglasses with XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses, we can help.

It all starts by requesting a reglazing pack and completing our online form. Our skilled technicians will then design and fit your prescription or non-prescription XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses into your current frames and send them back to you in no time.

A man sat outside wearing Transitions® XTRActive® Polarised™ lenses

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