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Boots Opticians supply a wide range of glasses, from their own-brand Boots frames to your high-end designer glasses like Tom Ford, Mont Blanc, Gucci and Saint Laurent. But what is the solution when you’ve damaged your lenses or want to upgrade to a more suitable lens?

At Lensology, we understand replacing a pair of glasses when only the lens is faulty is a very excessive and expensive solution. Our expert reglazing team is on-hand to replace, reglaze and upgrade your lenses for your Boots opticians frames at affordable prices with the highest quality lenses.

Lensology & Boots Reglazing Price Comparison

We Put Your Lenses First

Boots Opticians supply a variety of frames to suit everyone, all with their own unique tastes and style. But what’s the solution when you’ve found your dream frames but damaged your lenses, or want to upgrade to a more suitable lens? You come to Lensology…

Below are the prices of Lensology’s reglazing options for your frames. The prices listed below are before applying Lensology’s current discounts.

Please note that this is taken from October 2023 and is subject to change
Single Vision VS
Standard Clear £19.90 VS £90.00
Clear With Anti-Glare £32.90 VS £130.00
Standard Tinted £33.90 VS £145.00
Tinted With Anti-Glare £50.00 VS £185.00
Blue Light Lenses £42.90 VS £140.00
Varifocals VS
Good Quality Varifocals From £64.00
(Digital Freeform)
VS £210.00
(Boots Gold Varifocals)
Better Quality Varifocals From £104.00
VS £290.00
(Boots Platinum Varifocals)
Bifocals VS
Standard Bifocals £35.00 VS £140.00
Bifocals With Anti-Glare £57.00 VS £180.00

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Our Lens Types

Upgrade Your Boots Glasses Lenses

Whether you’re in the market to replace your outdated prescription lenses or you’re on the hunt to improve the quality of your lenses, Lensology have you covered. Reglaze your glasses with Lensology and enjoy the highest quality lenses. Our lens upgrades include:

How It Works

Step 1

Request A Pack

Fill out our simple online pack request form and we will leap into action, sending you a sturdy cardboard box to put your Boots glasses in. Don’t worry about postage as it is prepaid and there is no obligation. In a couple of days, you’ll receive your pack in your letterbox.

Step 2

Send Us Your Boots Opticians Glasses

Place your Boots glasses (and any more) in the cardboard box and pop it into any Royal Mail post-box. No need for a trip into town, no stamps, no fuss. To help save time, you can add a copy of your prescription in the box or we’d be happy to contact you for it. There is still nothing to pay.

Step 3

Relax whilst we fit your lenses

Our lens experts will prepare a quote based on your requirements and email it to you. Once you’re happy with your quote, sit back and relax whilst we fit your new lenses into your Boots frames with speed and care, before we return them to you via our safe and secure courier service.

Boots Lens Replacement

If you’re looking to upgrade your Boots glasses to suit your prescription or update your lenses, then Lensology is the right fit for you. We provide single-vision, bifocal, varifocal and sunglasses prescription and non-prescription lenses.

Our in-house technicians are experts at fitting new lenses to your frames, and we do so at a fraction of the cost of high-street providers. If that isn’t enough to tempt you, Lensology also offers a superfast turnaround so you can be sure your lenses will be back with you as quickly as possible. Request a free pack today to send us your glasses.

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