Bose Lenses

Bose frames are an exciting concept for lovers of music and fashion.
Put simply this means Bose has included headphone functionality inside the body of a range of stylish sunglasses. Their compact and lightweight designs mean the average person wouldn’t even realize these glasses are smart audio wear at all.

Their range of slick designs not only offer timeless sunglasses styles but also offer Bose’s unbeatable sound technology, allowing you to take your soundtrack with you and leave headphones at home.

Bose Sunglasses Lenses

The ultimate marriage of style, tech, and convenience.

Bose sunglasses are built with exclusive Bose Open Ear Audio™ technology which produced a quality of sound that you’d never expect from sunglasses. With a range of different frame options available for sports and fashion, the timeless designs coupled with unmatched audio technology means that there are audio frames to suit everyone.

At Lensology, we supply replacement Bose lenses and prescription Bose lenses. Our in-house reglazing experts can even create a custom lens for your Bose frames. We offer all types of sunglasses lenses including polarised, transition, tinted and photochromatic options.

With an extensive range of tints, colours, mirrors, and gradients, we can create your desired lens with any prescription, or non-prescription, requirements.

We can fit your new Bose lenses to your frames and deliver them back to you ready to wear in a matter of days.

A man wearing black Bose sunglasses with tinted lenses
Bose Alto sunglasses with tinted lenses

Bose Alto Lenses

Bose Alto sunglasses are a timeless and iconic sunglasses style, the kind of frame that could suit any occasion. Mixing classic frames with Bose sound technology, Bose Alto frames have a super lightweight built-in Bluetooth speaker pointed towards your ears allowing you to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks without the need for headphones.
Bose Rondo sunglasses with tinted lenses

Bose Rondo Lenses

Bose Rondo sunglasses have a distinctive design with round lenses. The Bose rework of this retro style is up to date with the latest trends whilst also being timeless and stylish. Designed for sun and sound, Bose Rondo frames offer lightweight sound technology from Bose whilst also protecting your eyes from the sun.
Bose Tenor sunglasses with tinted lenses

Bose Tenor Lenses

Bose Tenor sunglasses have a refined square frame and a distinctive keyhole bridge design, offering ultimate levels of style and comfort for wearers.

Tenor frames boast a longer audio life than the original models, with the rechargeable battery offering up to 5.5 hours of playtime.

Bose Soprano sunglasses with tinted lenses

Bose Soprano Lenses

Bose Soprano sunglasses feature large lenses and a cat-eye design for the ultimate style accessory. With a delicately sloped browline, Bose Soprano frames give retro glamour in an elegant style whilst providing cutting edge sound technology.

Designed to reduce the sound of the wind and noise around you, the lightweight built-in Bluetooth open ear speaker system provides up to 5.5 hours of playtime.

Bose Tempo sunglasses with tinted lenses

Bose Tempo Lenses

Bose Tempo sunglasses are the ultimate high-performance sports sunglasses, with Bose’s cutting edge Open Ear Audio. Tempo’s sleek design allows you to listen to your music and your surroundings at the same time for a unique workout experience.

Tempo frames are sweat and weather resistant, with a lightweight and aerodynamic design to allow for optimum sports performance. Its nylon frame and soft, silicone nose pads can offer wearers comfort, whilst providing vital UV protection.

Bose Prescription Lenses

Like any other frames you can imagine, Lensology can provide prescription lenses for your Bose frames.

You may want to add your prescription to your Bose audio sunglasses, or you may want to turn them into your everyday prescription glasses. Whatever you choose, Lensology can help. Offering the highest quality lenses in all the tints and gradients you can imagine, along with the most advanced prescription lenses, we are passionate about offering choice, quality and flexibility to our customers.

No matter what your prescription needs are, whether it’s single vision, transition, bifocal, or varifocal (to name a few), Lensology can provide lenses for your Bose frames along with any sunglass lens you choose.

Our reglazing service is an easy and convenient way to get prescription lenses for your Bose frames, at a fraction of the price of high street opticians.

Simply request a free reglazing pack, fill in the forms provided and send us your frames, then let our expert technicians take care of the rest.

We’ll review your information with our team of specialists and custom make your new lenses to fit your Bose audio frames.

man wearing Bose sunglasses with tinted lenses

Prices of Bose prescription lenses with Lensology

Why reglaze with Lensology?

It may seem like the simpler choice to purchase your lenses directly from Bose, but their range of prescription options can be restrictive, and at a higher price point than Lensology. Furthermore, Lensology can offer superfast turnaround times to get your frames delivered back to you and ready to wear in no time!

Single vision lenses: Bose vs Lensology

Blue Light Lenses

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Sunglasses Lenses

We supply an unbeatable range of tint types, colours, mirrors, and gradients.

From £50.00 with Lensology

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Transition Lenses

Seamlessly transition between different light conditions.

From £79.00 with Lensology

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Transition Varifocal lenses

Add multiple prescriptions to your lenses with seamless transitions between light and dark environments.

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