New Lenses For Your Glasses In Norway

Are you looking to get new lenses for glasses that you already own and love? If your glasses lenses are scratched, your prescription has changed, or you would like to upgrade your lenses, Lensology can help!

Save yourself the cost of buying a new pair of glasses by using Lensology’s swift and cost-effective lens reglazing service. Our service is UK-based, however, we are now launching our service to Norway, so you can get new lenses for your glasses!

No matter the style, brand or age of your frames, our team of in-house technicians can design bespoke lenses and fit them directly into your existing frames.

Different Types of Lenses

We offer a range of prescription and non-prescription options, with amazing lens finishes. Update your prescription, switch from single vision to bifocal lenses or transform your glasses to polarised sunglasses. We can do it all!

Upgrade Your Glasses Lenses

We have a range of lens-enhancing features to transform your current glasses, without the expensive high-street costs.

Sunglasses Lenses

Whether you’ve already invested in designer sunglasses but need to upgrade the lens, or you want to turn your everyday glasses into sunglasses, we can help.

Cyclist wearing Oakley glasses

Oakley Replacement Lenses

Save money and avoid buying a new pair of Oakley sunglasses. If your frames are still in great condition, we can fix any damaged lenses or upgrade them with new prescriptions or lens coatings like anti-glare, anti-scratch or tints.
woman wearing Ray-Ban Stories

Ray Ban Replacement Lenses

When you have a favourite pair of Ray Bans frames, you don’t want to replace them when only the lens needs updating. Our technicians can design a lens to meet your new requirements and fit them straight back into your existing Ray Bans.
Woman wearing a pair of gradient lens sunglasses

Gradient Lenses

Transform your existing sunglasses or everyday glasses with a stylish gradient lens finish. With different levels of gradient, choose the option to suit your look and budget, and create a new pair of glasses at a fraction of the cost.
A pair of mirrored sunglasses on a sand

Mirrored Lenses

If you’re looking for more mystery, mirrored lenses could be the one for you as the reflective coating hides your eyes. Our experts can apply a mirrored finish to any style or shape of lens, and add additional extras like anti-smudge.

Our Reglazing Prices

The Prices listed below are before applying Lensology’s current discounts where you can save even more on your lenses.

Please note, NOK prices are variable and converted from GBP.

Single Vision
Standard Clear £19.90 / 250kr
Clear With Anti-Glare £31.90 / 396kr
Standard Tinted £31.90 / 396kr
Tinted With Anti-Glare £49.00 / 609kr
Blue Light Lenses £41.90 / 521kr
Good Quality Varifocals From £64.00 / 796kr
(Digital Freeform)
Better Quality Varifocals From £99.00 / 1,231kr


Standard Bifocals £35.00 / 435kr 
Bifocals with Anti-Glare £55.00 / 684kr


About Lensology

We are the UK’s leading lens reglazing service. Our easy-to-use postal pack and swift turnaround mean you can upgrade your glasses in no time, and at a much cheaper cost of purchasing both new lenses and frames.

Once our team of experts receive your glasses in our state-of-the-art lab, they’ll design and fit a brand-new lens to meet your requirements. No stress, no fuss, and guaranteed high-quality results.

How Our Reglazing Works

Step 1

Submit Your Details

Fill your details in on the form below. We’ll send you an email with instructions on how to send us your prescription and shipping information so you can send us your glasses.

Step 2

Send Us Your Glasses

Package your glasses in a box and send them to us. We can provide you with a shipping label to print using our discounted DHL courier service. All information will be provided in our email.

Step 3

Over To Us

Our experts will swiftly design a new lens to meet your prescription requirements and securely fit them to your frames. We’ll then send them back to you via our secure international courier.

Ordering and Shipping in Norway

To order your new lenses, you can complete our online form right now. You’ll then be sent an email with information on how to package your glasses, how to send us your prescription and how to ship your glasses to us.

Once we receive your glasses, we’ll contact you with a quote. At this point, you can choose to continue with your order or cancel it and we’ll post your glasses back.

We can provide a discounted DHL courier service for you to send us your glasses. A discounted shipping fee will be included in your quote to return your glasses back to you.

Have any questions? Speak to us on our live chat, email or call +441923 940 408 and our friendly experts can help.

woman with replacement lenses for glasses fomr Lensology

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