Prescription Fishing Sunglasses

Don’t cast your line too far; Lensology is here to turn your frames into prescription or non-prescription fishing glasses. All from as little as £9.90.

Replacement Fishing Glasses Lenses

Is there anything better than sitting on the water bank, soaking up the sunshine while patiently waiting for a bite? But blurred vision, blinding glare or tired eyes could dampen your favourite hobby.

We know the value of high-quality fishing sunglasses; that’s why at Lensology, we design and fit bespoke lenses, including polarised, single-vision, bifocal and varifocal, to hook you up with prescription fishing glasses.

A cyclist wearing prescription cycling glasses

Replacement Lenses For Fishing Sunglasses

Enhance and personalise your prescription or non-prescription fishing sunglasses with our amazing lens features.



FROM £52.90

Treat your fishing glasses to the best reglazing features with our premium lenses. Enjoy a 12-month damage guarantee as well as:


Super scratch resistance




UV block




Easy cleaning


12 months damage guarantee

Priority Processing (for single vision stock lenses)

Prescription Fishing Lenses

Looking to update your favourite fishing glasses or sunglasses? You’ve come to the right plaice! We’ll create lenses to meet your optical prescription and fit them into your existing frames.

Transitions® Sunglasses Lenses for Fishing

When your hobby involves sitting outside for long periods, your eyes have to adapt to varying levels of sunlight. Standard sunglasses lenses might not provide the most comfortable view, whereas Transitions® lenses for fishing adapt to your environment, keeping your eyes protected so you can set your sights on the perfect catch.

A person wearing a glasses with Transitions® lenses

Replacement Lenses for Designer Fishing Sunglasses

At Lensology, we’re experts at transforming the biggest designer brands, meaning we can turn your Oakleys, Ray-Bans or SunGod glasses into stylish fishing sunglasses.

How To Reglaze Your Fishing Glasses

Step 1

Request A Pack

Find a ‘request a pack’ button and click it! Complete the online form, and we’ll send a flat-packed box, prescription and free postage sticker to return your fishing glasses.

Step 2

Cast Your Fishing Glasses

Build your box to place your fishing glasses and prescription inside. Seal close with your free postage sticker and post them via a Royal Mail post box or post office.

Step 3

We’ll Hook You Up

Once we receive your fishing glasses, we’ll email you a quote. If you’re happy, we’ll get to work and post your glasses with new lenses back to you within a few days.

Why Use Lensology

We believe in affordable eyewear for everyone. Whether you require glasses for leisure, work, a hobby or because your opticians say so, our reglazing service provides a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to your visual needs with the expense of buying new frames.

Simply let us know your prescription requirements and any extra finishes you want to include, such as blue light protection, anti-scratch or anti-smudge. Send us your current frames and our in-house experts will get to work, returning your updated glasses within a few days.

A cyclist wearing prescription cycling sunglasses

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