A Guide to Polarised Lenses

Sep 16, 2022

Question: When driving or walking, do you squint or cover your eyes to hide from the blinding glare blocking your vision? Yep, us too!

With polarised lenses, that’s no longer an issue. The clever design behind polarised lenses means 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, and that painful glare is completely blocked. Resulting in sharper focus, clearer vision, and more comfortable viewing. They’re also highly versatile, suitable for prescription and non-prescription glasses for all sizes, shapes and styles


What are polarised lenses?

Simply put, polarised lenses have been created with a special chemical that filters light. Sun rays are usually absorbed or scattered when they reach a surface but smooth surfaces such as roads, water or snow can ‘polarise’ the light and send it in one direction. This chemical film is made up of lots of small vertical strips and works like a blind to only admit vertical waves of light and block any horizontal waves of light (the glare) from entering your eye.


Polarised vs non-polarised lenses?

Non-polarised lenses still protect your eyes from the sun and nasty UV rays. However, they’re not strong enough to entirely block the bright glare, which can impact your vision and safety, for example, when driving. For general holidaying or mooching around town, non-polarised lenses are perfectly suitable.

If you’re regularly outside or enjoy activities such as driving, skiing, walking or cycling, we strongly recommend investing in polarised lenses. Unlike non-polarised lenses, the unique film applied to polarised lenses completely blocks the blinding glare from sunlight reflecting off smooth surfaces and directly into your eye line. By blocking this glare, you can see clearly and reduce any danger as well as squinting, eye strain or general visual discomfort


How do polarised lenses work?

Unlike normal or mirrored sunglasses which tend to provide basic protection against UV light and are often purchased purely for style, polarised sunglasses provide additional protection and sharper focus during those extremely sunny moments.

For example, if you are outdoors: driving, skiing or even by the sea, the bright sunlight that bounces off nearby surfaces can feel quite blinding. The smart design of polarised lenses will diminish this, creating a safer and more enjoyable experience.


The benefits of polarised sunglasses lenses?

Put simply, polarised lenses enhance your viewing experience no matter where you are or what you’re doing. They also:

  • Block blinding glare
  • Reflect harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Reduce eye strain and squinting
  • Improve visual contrast and clarity
  • Enhance colour definition
  • Reduce light sensitivity


What are polarised lenses used for?

Outdoor activities – running, cycling, fishing, sailing or walking often involve being near flat, smooth surfaces which are ideal for reflecting sunbeams. Polarised lenses protect your eyes from the blinding glare so you can fully enjoy your favourite activity.

Snowy environments – snow makes the perfect canvas for light to bounce off and can reflect up to 85% of sunlight straight into your eyes. When skiing, sledging or snowboarding, the last thing you want is a distorted view as you fly down the slopes.

Driving – smooth tarmac, shiny car bonnets, or water on the surface of roads make the perfect surface for sunlight to bounce off and block your vision. When driving, you need to ensure you can see the road ahead, and polarised lenses will ensure your vision isn’t disturbed.

Every day wearing – if you’re often out and about, whether commuting for work, walking as a hobby or socialising with friends, polarised lenses are easy and convenient to pop on and protect your eyes, especially on a clear and sunny day

The disadvantages of polarised lenses

The nature of polarised lenses is that they reduce the amount of light reaching your eye. For this reason, they’re not ideal eyewear for any evening or nighttime activities when light is limited. They can also distort LCD digital screens such as phones, digital watches or computers, so they’re not ideal if your lifestyle and work evolve around these devices.


Switching to polarised lenses

Here at Lensology, we make upgrading your sunglasses lenses easy. If you’re looking to reglaze your new or existing sunglasses to polarised lenses, then we can help. Choose between our wide range of lenses, including tint, colours, gradients or mirror finish to match your style. At a fraction of the cost of high street opticians, we’ll deliver your new polarised lenses straight to your door.

Contact us today to learn more about polarised lenses, or head straight to our Freepost postal box ordering service.

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