Are Progressive Lenses Right For Me?

Dec 2, 2019

Progressive lenses are a fantastic way to combine multiple prescriptions into one pair of glasses, eliminating the need to carry multiple pairs around for reading, computer work and driving for example.

They can take a little getting used to, and if you have been wearing single vision glasses for a long time you may be a wary to switch to one pair. We aim to answer the most common questions and address any worries you may have to help you decide if progressive lenses are the way to go.


What’s the difference between progressive lenses and bifocals?

Bifocals lenses deal with two prescriptions – close up and long-distance vision to put it simply. Progressive lenses can cater for a number of different prescriptions within one lens, gradually taking the user from near to far typically as they look from the bottom section of the lens up to the top section, with middle distance viewing in the middle, logically.

Bifocals have a visual seam horizontal across the lens to differentiate between the two prescriptions across the lens, whereas the progressive lens looks the same as single vision lens with no visible differences between the prescriptions on the lens. You can find out the difference between bifocals and varifocals here. 


Can anyone wear progressive lenses?

Anyone with a vision impairment requiring multiple prescriptions can be recommended to wear progressive lenses, though they are most commonly worn by patients in the 40 years and over age group.


Are they only for older patients?

No, but the need for multiple prescriptions within lenses and therefore bifocal and progressive styles ordinarily comes with age-related, naturally occurring eye deterioration conditions like Presbyopia.


Can you add filters and coatings to progressive lenses?

Yes, you can. That means you can have multiple prescriptions within one lens, scratchproof and transition so they can take you into bright conditions without having to change your glasses, making them truly multifunctional. This is great if your favoured frames are not available as sunglasses for example or for long car journeys where the light conditions can vary throughout. For this the XtraActive Transition lens is perfect, with its ability to transition behind the car windscreen.

It is also worth investing in a lens that is going to work with every visual need you have. The Omni-Vision HD lens is a top of the range lens supplied by Lensology, yet extremely popular thanks to its highly multifunctional use; they can literally be kept on all day until you need to sleep.

The possibilities really are endless with progressive lenses and Lensology can discuss them with you.


How long will it take to adjust to progressive lenses if I have not worn them before?

They take very little time, normally just a day or two but in rare cases they can take up to a few weeks to bed in. At Lensology, we suggest that you don’t keep reverting back to your old glasses in-between, no matter how much the temptation is there. Start at home if you can – watch the TV and routinely move your sight from reading something close up, to viewing something middle distance on your lap such as a laptop and then further away to the television. This will help the adjustment to your vision greatly without trying to go straight in at the deep end driving a car for example. The move away from single vision lenses and the habitual changing of your glasses can seem strange at first and you may even wonder what you have done in the first few days, but once you are used to your progressive lenses you will never go back!


Will they make me feel sick?

We have never had feedback to say they cause nausea and there is no real evidence to support a nauseous effect. You may have the sensation of feeling a little taller, but this soon subsides and is not a given side effect for every patient. If you take the steps above to get used to your lenses at your own pace, you should have no issues at all. We can also discuss this kind of concern with you and make recommendations particular to your specific needs.

Lensology have a huge variety of lens options available to you and we would be happy to discuss these with you to ensure you are confident in your purchase.

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