Do I Need Glasses With UV Protection?

Jun 2, 2023

Let’s be honest, many of us don’t even consider UV protection until the height of summer when UV sunglasses are at the top of our holiday essentials! But let us ask you, how often do you find yourself squinting even on a dull day or when you’re driving, and the sun is setting? The truth is our eyes are constantly exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. So, UV lenses should be a high priority for everyone when it comes to upgrading our eyewear.


Can UV Light Damage My Eyes?

Simply put, yes. ‘UV protection’ has become a bit of a buzzword when it comes to eyewear. But for a very good reason! UV light is made up of extremely strong rays of energy from the sun. Even on cold, foggy days, UV light can still penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere, damaging our skin and eyes if unprotected. Remember when you were a kid and spent all your time playing outdoors? UV damage begins as young as then, building up over time and contributing to eye issues including:

  • Corneal damage
  • Cataracts
  • Macular degeneration
  • Photokeratitis (snow blindness)
  • Decreased vision
  • Eye dryness
  • Eye cancer
  • Wrinkles and ageing


Why do I need glasses with UV protection?

Without realising, we’re subjected to UV light on a daily basis. UV glasses play an important part in shielding your eyes, and even more so if your lifestyle involves a lot of driving or being outside. But rather than purchasing a brand-new pair of frames with UV lenses, you can simply apply a UV treatment to your existing frames and reap the benefits of UV protection, such as:

  • Blocking UVB and UVA rays
  • Providing a comfortable and clear vision
  • Supporting your eye health
  • Reducing squinting and eye strain
  • Protecting the delicate area around your eye


What are the different types of UV protection for prescription lenses?

Our Lensology technicians are skilled in applying and fitting a range of UV coatings to your existing frames. Depending on your lifestyle, there are 4 different types of UV glasses protection you can choose from:


Tinted Lenses

UV sunglasses are a great solution for full UV protection. They also help reduce eye strain and squinting for better and more comfortable viewing. Our UV coating can be applied to all coloured tints as well as prescription or non-prescription lenses too.


Polarised Lenses

For those who spend a lot of time driving or outdoors, you’ll notice the blinding glare that irritates your eyes. The unique coating of polarised lenses blocks this glare whilst protecting your eyes from UV rays. Creating a more enjoyable experience for both prescription and non-prescription wearers.


Transition Lenses

Protect your eyes from UV rays without having to switch your glasses! Transitions® lenses offer UV protection by adjusting the tint of the lens to the amount of UV light in your environment. So, the lens remains clear in dark settings and transitions to dark in lighter settings.


Blue Light Lenses

Blue Light Lenses are designed with multiple layers which reflect both blue and UV light away from your eyes. Meaning if you choose Blue Light Lenses to protect your sight from high screen time, you’ll also have the added bonus of UV protection too.

Discover our range of replacement lenses for sunglasses. We fit prescription and non-prescription lenses into your existing sunglasses, no matter what style you’re after or your prescription needs.

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What is the best protection for UV glasses?

When shopping for your latest sunglasses, you’ll probably spot that little UV protection sticker you have to peel off the lens. But what you want to look out for are the sunglasses labelled with UV400. This feature offers almost 100% protection from UV rays, including UVA and UVB.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to purchase another pair of sunglasses. Lensology can apply the UV400 protection coating to your existing prescription or non-prescription frames. Ensuring your sunnies block UV wavelengths up to 400 nanometres away, protecting your vision and eye health.


Top tips for getting the right UV protection

Now you’re aware of the impact UV light can have on your eye health, there’s no better time to upgrade your eyewear. Here are our top tips to get the most from UV glasses protection:


  • If you wear glasses daily, adding a UV treatment won’t impact your vision but will consistently protect your eyes.
  • Wear UV sunglasses during the brightest part of the day.
  • Upgrade your existing sunglasses to UV400 lenses.
  • Consider transition lenses with UV protection if your lifestyle involves moving between different environments.
  • Pick Polarised lenses with UV protection for driving or outdoor activities.
  • Choose a style that suits you! UV lenses fit any shape, size or style of frames as well as coloured tints.

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