Gaming Glasses: Do they work, and do you need them?

Mar 29, 2021

young man in gaming glasses

Gaming is ever-growing in popularity! The pandemic saw huge spikes of people engaging in gaming for social or recreational purposes, with a 29% increase in time spent playing video games during COVID-19, and statistics are still high today.

With gaming becoming a bigger part of our lives, it’s important to start looking at the comfort and protection of your eyes so you can get the most from your favourite game without diminishing your eye health.

Whether you’re playing on your computer, TV or Switch, all digital screens emit blue light, which can damage the eyes for even relatively short periods. Couple this with hours of gaming in front of often large screens in dark settings for the perfect atmosphere; your eyes will start to feel the strain, affecting your gaming and overall health. But the good news is, there is a solution: gaming glasses.


What Are Gaming Glasses?

Gaming glasses look like any other type of glasses frame but are specifically designed to block out the artificial blue light from screens. Blue light has the shortest wavelength and, therefore, the highest-energy part of the colour spectrum, which can impact your eyes over time.


Why Are Blue Lights An Issue?

Well, the short wavelength means that blue light is closest in frequency to harmful UV light, which is the type of light emitted from the sun, and we all know how harmful this can be. When exposing your eyes to too much blue light, it can damage the sensitive cells on your retina, causing disruption and discomfort to your sight.


How To Protect Your Eyes Whilst Gaming

We don’t want anything to stop you from hitting your gaming PB, but we also care about your eye health. Although there are blue-light filter screens, you’d need one for every device you play on. Meanwhile, adding a thin blue light filter to your glasses ensures your eyes are always protected.


What Are Blue Light Gaming Glasses?

Lensology blue light glasses are cleverly designed to reflect the blue light away from your eyes, reducing the amount of light that does reach your retina and minimising any damage. They’re much like sunglasses lenses, but our blue light lens is clear with the added benefit of UVA and UVB protection, which are only found in our gaming glasses. You may notice a light blue hue on your glasses’ lens, but that’s just the anti-blue light reflective coating and won’t impair your vision.

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Lensology Blue Light Lenses

(clear blue light lenses)

clear blue light glasses

Standard Blue Light Lenses

(visible yellow hue)

yellow hue blue light glasses

What are the benefits of gaming glasses?

Extended screen time is always likely to cause some discomfort, but blue light has been known to cause eye strain, headaches, increased eye rubbing and dryness. Those in themselves are uncomfortable at best, but add into the mix the damage you can do to your eyes from excessive rubbing, for example, retina detachment, and you have a whole new set of problems.

Gaming glasses can alleviate the ailments caused by blue light exposure, meaning you can game longer. Also, the clarity in the crystal-clear lenses means you experience the game as you should, with sharper colours and no distortion, elevating your experience entirely.

  • Long-term protection for your eyes
  • Helps to prevent eye strain caused by screentime
  • Improves sleep quality 
  • Helps to prevent tired and dry eyes
  • Relief from headaches
  • Our blue light lenses can fit in any frames


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Can you buy prescription gaming glasses?

Yes! At Lensology, we offer blue light as an add-on option to any reglazing service you choose, or you can select your gaming glasses from our exciting new range of frames and have a new pair of bespoke prescription blue light gaming glasses. We simply combine your optical prescription and blue light reflective coating to your new lens and pop them into your go-to gaming frames. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply prescription lenses to under 16s, including prescription blue light lenses. We can, of course, supply non-prescription blue light lenses for all age groups.


Non-Prescription Gaming Glasses

Even if you don’t need glasses, you can still protect your eyes with clear-lensed gaming glasses. These lenses can hold multiple enhancements such as anti-glare, scratch resistance, tints, anti-smudge, and so much more, which we can combine with blue light filtration. They can be your second pair or your main set of specs; blue light protection is beneficial in all aspects of your daily screen routine, including phones, TVs and laptops, not just gaming.


The different types of blue light gaming glasses

At Lensology, our fantastic gaming glasses provide complete blue light protection and are expertly made for style and comfort by our trusted optical technicians.

Alternatively, if you already have a favourite pair of frames that you would like to turn into blue light gaming glasses, Lensology can help with that, too! We can reglaze your current glasses with blue light lenses for as little as £41.90.

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Gaming Glasses FAQs

When should you wear gaming glasses?

You can wear blue light gaming glasses for much more than just gaming. Blue light glasses and lenses are beneficial when using a screen that emits blue light, such as gaming devices, working on PCs, watching TV and even scrolling on your phone.


Are gaming glasses expensive?

No, Lensology is passionately competitive with the high street to deliver quality and cost-effectiveness to our customers. Our range of gaming glasses starts at just £25.00 for adults, including non-prescription lenses, so order now, and they’ll be with you in a few days!

If you require prescription lenses, you can bundle our frames and technician-fitted, high-grade lenses from our in-house lab starting at a package price of £39.00.

For reglazing an existing pair of glasses with prescription blue light lenses, prices start from £42.90.

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How do you clean gaming glasses?

Gaming glasses need to be cleaned with the same care and attention as your standard glasses. Sprays and wipes specific for optical care are best, and be sure to add anti-smudge and scratch-resistant coatings to your lenses for extra protection and peace of mind.


Can children wear gaming glasses?

Absolutely, and we cater to all gamers, young and old! Our Skreenz range is specifically for kids. If you need help choosing and ensuring you have the right lenses for your child, contact our friendly team, who will happily help!

Please note that we cannot supply prescription lenses to under 16’s. However, we can supply standard, non-prescription blue light glasses to under 16’s.

Can I wear gaming glasses with a headset?

Yes, gaming glasses are standard fit and have no issue working with gaming or work headsets – we’ll have you ready for your gaming night no problem!



Do I need gaming glasses?

You don’t have to be a serious all-night gamer to benefit from gaming glasses. Even short periods of exposure to blue light can be potentially harmful, and cause sleep disturbances amongst other issues. Blue light glasses can be worn when using any devices and screens to help protect your eyes.

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