Masks are the new normal so can Anti-Fog lenses help?

Jan 29, 2021

woman wearing face mask and steamed up foggy glasses

As we carry on into 2021, it is safe to say that mask-wearing will be our normality for some time to come. Even with the vaccines coming thick and fast, we have a long way to go yet.

Optically, it is not always convenient or feasible to wear contact lenses instead of glasses to avoid steaming up and foggy lenses. That said, when we should be making every effort not to spread bacteria and infection, touching and removing glasses repeatedly throughout the day to rectify foggy lenses is far from ideal.


Why do face masks cause foggy lenses?

You know it’s cold outside when you can see your breath before you. This reaction results from the warmer air of your breath hitting the cold atmosphere – creating tiny droplets of water that we can see as steam, fog, or mist, whatever you like to call it.

The same principle applies to your lenses. Not exclusive to being outside, the lenses are cooler in temperature than your breath hitting them, creating the perfect environment for condensation. Your mask pushes that air up when you breathe, where you ordinarily breathe out in front, and so filters up to your lenses, causing fog. The droplets of water form on your lenses, distorting your vision, which results in cloudiness, making it hard to see.

There are ways to try and alleviate this – making sure your mask is tight, consciously breathing downward or through your nose, for example – but these are temporary solutions, somewhat unreliable, and generally uncomfortable.


What are anti-fog lenses?

Anti-Fog lenses have a chemical treatment built into it to eliminate any reaction to the conditions that cause fog and steam. Lensology uses proven, military grade technology to manufacture their anti-fog lenses, eliminating any need for cloths, wipes or sprays.


How do anti-fog lenses work?

The lenses are made of polycarbonate material, with a protective hydrophilic layer applied, which works by minimising the surface tension on the lens, resulting in a non-scattering film of water – the drops cannot formulate or stay present on your lenses. The lenses are slim, light, UV protected and impact resistant. One for the pub quiz!

Is it worth buying anti-fog lenses?

Sprays, cloths or wipes are reasonably cheap, but you need to keep on your person at all times to be effective. You will need to buy these temporary measures regularly, remember to keep them with you, and be careful not to damage your lenses when using them.

While we are consciously avoiding removing our masks and touching our faces unnecessarily, there is little else you can do when having to wipe lenses down several times a day due to fog.


PPE and front-line workers

More than an inconvenience, front-line workers, heavy PPE wearers, and drivers going in and out of trucks and buildings will be finding lens fog an increasingly problematic side effect to mask-wearing – impacting comfort, working practices, and time. Suppose a medical practitioner has to remove their glasses and touch their mask due to steaming up. In that case, they will likely have to replace all of their PPE afterward—a neither practical nor time effective scenario for the wearer.


So, with all this in mind, Lensology anti-fog lenses are a sound and highly cost-effective investment for your long-term visual comfort. If you are updating your lenses anyway, anti-fog comes as an option within a Lensology lens, and so is absorbed within the price and highly competitive with the high street.

The coating itself provides built in accidental anti-scratch elements and full UV protection, and Lensology has several anti-fog options available on single vision and varifocal lenses to suit many prescription types. Chat to them today or order your free postage pack to order your anti-fog lenses and live steam-free!

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