Persol Sunglasses Lenses

Launching in 1917, Persol – an acronym of “per il sole”, “for the sun” has embedded itself in the history books of designer eyewear. Designed for aviators and sports drivers Persol glasses are designed with supreme craftsmanship, attention to detail and style. As are the replacement lenses that Lensology provide.

Persol Replacement Sunglasses Lenses


Persol sunglasses can be fitted with our massive range of tinted lenses at Lensology. Whether you’re looking to replace your existing lenses with the same tint or after a fresh look, Lensology can fit your desired tint, all complete with UV protection as standard from just £31.90.


Lensology’s mirrored lens finishes are available in a range of different colours with costs starting from just £35.00. All of our mirrored and polarised lenses are fitted with complete UV protection as standard, unlike other high-street opticians.


Gradient lenses are an integral part of the history and style of the Persol eyewear brand. Lensology supply a complete range of different gradient lens types that can suit any style and prescription. Prices for gradient tints are just an additional £2.50 (on top of your lens cost).

Lensology Reglazing Prices

Our prices are up to 70% less than high street opticians! We love reglazing all types of frames and lenses from any brand and when you add our latest discounts, our Single Vision lenses start from £9.90, Bifocals from £35.00 and Varifocals from just £64.00.

Opticians that can reglaze Persol sunglasses charge a reglazing fee and won’t be able to provide the complete range of tints and styles that we offer or be able to exactly match your existing lenses. Our price comparison below shows how much you can save with Lensology. We cut out the middleman, saving you money whilst still providing high-quality lenses for your Persol sunglasses.

Replacement Lenses Reglazing Prices

We cut out the middleman when you choose to reglaze glasses with Lensology. Unlike high street opticians, we keep everything in-house, making our prices up to 70% lower than our competitors (and you don’t have to book an appointment!). Increase your savings when you include our current deals.

Lens Type
Single Vision (Clear) £19.90 £39.90 £69.00 £90.00
Bifocals (Clear) £35.00 £88.00 £129.00 £140.00
Varifocals (Clear) £64.00  £118.00 £188.00 £210.00
Sunglasses Lenses
Standard Tinted £32.90 £69.00 £100.00 £145.00
Tinted with Anti-Glare £50.00 £104.00 £140.00 £185.00
Polarised Tinted £70.90 £94.00 £170.00 £215.00
Transitions® Lenses £71.00 £94.00 (Unbranded) £150.00 £225.00
Tinted Bifocals £52.00 £118.00 £170.00 £195.00
Tinted Varifocals £79.00 £148.00 £240.00 £240.00
Gradient Tints + £10.00
Same price as tinted lenses Same price as tinted lenses Same price as tinted lenses
Mirrored Tints + £35.00
DO NOT SUPPLY + £65.00 (add-on) + £40.00 (add-on)


Save even more with our latest offers.

Persol Prescription Lenses

If you’re looking to replace your Persol sunglasses lenses because they need a prescription adding, you need to update the existing prescription or they are damaged, Lensology has got you covered.

No matter what level your prescription is, we can create prescription lenses for your Persol sunglasses. You can also add any tints and colours to customise your new high-quality lenses to match your own style.

Persol Non-Prescription Lenses

Do you just need non-prescription Persol lenses? We can still replace your Persol sunglasses lenses with our high-quality non-prescription lenses and add our complete range of tints, colours and styles.

We offer all types of sunglasses lenses imaginable, including transition, polarised, tinted, and photochromic options.

Our market-leading range of sunglasses lenses include an extensive variety of tints, colours, mirrors, and gradients, there is something to suit everybody, no matter what style you choose. Save on you replacement Persol sunglasses with Lensology and pay only a fraction of the cost of the high street opticians. Your new lenses will be fitted to your Persol sunglasses and delivered back to you ready to wear.

How It Works

Step 1

Request A Pack

Fill in our form to request a free pack from us. We’ll send you the pack in the post along with a prepaid postage sticker for you to send us your Persol sunglasses.

Step 2

Post Us Your Persol Sunglasses

When your pack has arrived, build the box and simply place your Persol sunglasses and your prescription (if applicable) inside. Your frames will be safe and secure! Seal the pack with the prepaid sticker and pop it into any Royal Mail postbox or drop it off at your local post office.

Step 3

We’ll Fit Your New Lenses

Once we receive your Persol sunglasses, we’ll contact you with a quote. You can change your mind at any point or if you’re happy to proceed, we’ll start reglazing! Your Persol sunglasses are in our experts’ hands and we’ll send them back to you ready-to-wear with their new lenses fitted via our secure courier.

Persol Replacement Lenses

Our in-house reglazing experts are on hand to fit your Persol sunglasses with a vast array of lenses to suit your fashion and prescription needs.

When you choose to have your Persol replacement lenses fitted with Lensology, you remove the unnecessary step of outsourcing the reglazing process, which is instead carried out by our in-house reglazing experts.

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