What Do Blue Light Glasses Do?

Jun 3, 2020

blue light glasses

When we talk about eye health, we often focus on UVA and UVB protection. But there’s another equally damaging source of light: blue light. From smartphones and smartwatches to iPads, laptops and TV screens, we spend a significant amount of time looking at a screen and soak up huge amounts of blue light emitting from these devices. Now, we know sunglasses protect our eyes, but what’s the solution to digital eye strain? Do anti-blue light glasses actually work? What exactly are they, and do I need blue light glasses?


What is Blue Light?

Blue light is an artificial light predominately associated with digital devices, but did you know it also emits from other sources, such as the sun or light bulbs? Blue light consists of one colour within the spectrum, which has a short wavelength and high energy levels, making it easy to penetrate your eyes. However, too much concentrated blue light (from screens, etc.) increases exposure to sensitive cells on your retina and can harm and disrupt your sight. Potentially leading to other issues such as headaches, eye strain, blurred vision and tiredness.



Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

The only way to protect your eyes from blue light exposure is by removing the source (so, start switching your phone to a book from time to time!) or by adding a protective filter. Although you can purchase blue-light filter screens, blue-light glasses provide consistent protection no matter which device you look at. 

Blue light glasses or blue light blocking glasses (they’re the same thing) work by applying a thin coating onto the front of the lens. They’re designed with a slight yellow hue, which counteracts the blue and helps reduce the amount of blue light reaching your eyes.


Seeing the Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

Whether you apply a blue light filter to your prescription lenses or choose a non-prescription pair of glasses to protect your eyes when working with screens, anti-blue light lenses bring long-lasting benefits, including:

  1. Improved sleep and circadian rhythms
  2. Alleviating eye discomfort
  3. Preventing potential retinal damage
  4. Reducing eye strain (and therefore wrinkles)
  5. Helping the fight against Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
  6. Overall, better visual comfort



Where can I buy blue light lenses?

As you would buy sunglasses, pick your blue light lenses from a reputable company so you’re confident your glasses protect your eyes from artificial light. At Lensology, we’re experts in designing and fitting bespoke blue light protective lenses into various glasses frames – no matter the type of lens, size, shape, brand or prescription required. Our reglazing service allows you to select a blue light filter, whether on its own or combined with any other lens finishes.

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Prescription Blue Light Glasses

People who suffer from hyperopia (long-sightedness) often require glasses for close-up activities such as computer work, watching TV or scrolling through their phone. You can easily enhance your prescription lenses by adding a blue light filter on top. It doesn’t impact your optical requirements but gives you peace of mind that your eyes are protected from artificial lights.



Non-prescription Blue Light Glasses

You don’t have to have an optician prescription to wear glasses. Lots of people simply like to wear frames to reflect their style. You can also wear clear-lensed glasses with hidden coatings to protect your eyes. By investing in non-prescription anti-blue light glasses, you can relax when using multiple devices, knowing you’re doing all you can to minimise your consumption of blue light.

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