Transition Lenses – the pro’s and con’s

Aug 13, 2021

transition lenses

Have you ever spotted someone’s glasses changing from clear lenses to sunglasses without them switching the frames? No, it’s not magic, but transition lenses! These smart lenses adapt to their surroundings, tinting the lens depending on the amount of light available. Not only do they protect the wearer from harmful UV rays and artificial lighting, they save a lot of faff by only having to wear one set of frames.

How do transition lenses work?

Transition lenses (also known as photochromatic lenses) are made up of tiny molecules of silver halide and chloride which are embedded into the lens. The tint is invisible until exposed to sunlight or UV rays, when the molecules then react, move and change shape to absorb the light. Pretty cool, right?

The Pros of Transition Lenses

Transition glasses are becoming a popular choice for glasses wearers, and we can see why.

Improved Eye Health

The number one benefit of switching to transition lenses is the significant positive impact they have on your eye health. Without even thinking about it, transition glasses immediately adapt to protect your eyes from sunlight. An excellent option for wearers whose lifestyle involves moving between multiple locations

Minimise Eye Squinting

Sunlight causes strain on our eyes as we naturally squint to protect our sight. This can lead to tiredness, headaches, eye rubbing and wrinkles. All minor issues could turn into something sinister. Transition glasses reduce these irritations by reducing the amount of light reaching your eye and therefore minimising squinting.

Blue Light Prevention

With more and more people spending time on computers, TVs, tablets and smartphones, transition lenses help with blue light blocking. As technology evolves, our glasses lenses need to evolve with it, and transition lenses are becoming increasingly more sophisticated to deal with our digital lives. Find out more about blue light glasses here.

Save Money On Frames

A great benefit of transition lenses is they’re essentially two lenses in one: everyday glasses and sunglasses. Meaning you only need to invest in one set of lenses and one set of frames. This also offers more freedom to the wearer as you can seamlessly move between locations and activities without any hassle or hindrance to your sight.

The Cons of Transition Lenses

Although they offer a lot of benefits, there are a few watch-outs if you’re considering switching to transition lenses.

They’re not ideal for driving glasses

As your windscreen already blocks UV light, a standard transition lens may not be worth it. However, if your lifestyle involves a lot of driving, Lensology supplies and fits Transitions XTRActive and Drivewear Lenses. These are uniquely designed to protect drivers from glare, sunlight and headlights.

Transition lenses are not fans of the cold

That’s not to they won’t work in winter, because they will. In some cases, where it is particularly cold and bright as opposed to direct sunlight, transition lenses can take a little longer to get going. When faced with direct sunlight, Lensology Transition Lenses work instantly. So you can enjoy the benefits whether you’re skiing on a blue-sky day or walking your dog in the sunshine.

Most transition lenses can’t be polarised

Polarised lenses block your eyes from blinding glare. So, whilst transition lenses protect you from UV rays, eye damage can still occur as you react to the glare. Lensology stocks the world-leading transitions range of transition lenses which includes the Transition Drivewear. With this lens type, you get Transition and Polarised lenses all in one.

What Are The Different Types Of Transition Lenses?

Here at Lensology, we supply and fit 3 types of transition lenses:

    Transition Signature – Our standard but effective transition lenses.
    XTRActive Transition – These react behind a windscreen, offering more protection.
    Transitions XTRActive Polarized – A polarized and transition lens which also reacts behind windscreens.

 See our full transition lenses range and prices

Can I Have Coloured Transition Lenses?

Yes! We love personalising lenses and offer 7 different colour options:

  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Amethyst
  • Amber
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Grey/Green (G15)


Are Transition Lenses Right For Me?

The tip here is to think about where you will benefit most from having transition lenses. If your lifestyle involves a lot of outdoor activities, holidays or driving, then transition lenses might be a convenient solution. Alternatively, you could look at standard tinted sunglasses or polarised glasses

Why Use Lensology?

As market-leading transition stockists and replacement sunglasses lenses, Lensology are second to none in quality. When fit by our expert in-house team in our dedicated lab, the results speak for themselves.

And, as ever, you can transform your current lenses by post, leaving the technical stuff to us. All you need to do is request a pack and send your frames to us for reglazing, and we will have your glasses back to you ready to go.

Ready to order your FREE pack?

We provide a free postal pack that is delivered straight to your door, inclusive of a free return postage box for your frames. You’ll just need to provide a few simple details and then we can get it over to you ASAP!