Transitions® GEN S™

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Introducing Transitions®’s fastest-changing lenses, yet: GEN S™. Combining speed, style, and smart tech to deliver lenses that seamlessly adapt and protect your eyes from daily visual and lifestyle demands.

What Are GEN S™ Lenses?

Transitions® GEN S™ is the latest standard lens from Essilor, but it is anything but ‘standard’. GEN S™ is designed for modern-day glasses wearers with ultra-dynamic lenses that rapidly adapt to evolving environments and lifestyles for increased light protection and visual quality.

Gen Speed

Faster light-responsive time, reaching category 3 levels of darkness in 25 secs.

Gen Style

Explore more colour options and personalisation for true self-expression.

Gen Smart

Go beyond eye correction and enjoy a lens that adapts to your lifestyle.

Why Choose GEN S™ Lenses?

Transitions® GEN S™ lenses are currently the quickest and darkest on the market, changing from clear to dark within 25 seconds! Offering immediate and increased light protection for your eyes, enhanced colour consistency and an undisrupted view wherever you are. No wonder 9 out of 10 glasses wearers are choosing transition lenses over clear!

2 x faster fadeback time
Lens activates within 2 secs
Up to 40% HD vision

Less than 2 mins for lenses to return to fully clear

39% faster visual recovery from intense bright light vs clear lenses
A woman wearing Transitions® gen s lenses in her glasses

GEN S™ vs GEN 8™ Lenses

The advancement of Transitions® lenses means the ultra-responsive Gen S lenses have replaced the previous GEN 8™ series. And we can see why:

39% faster vision recovery from intense light

40% faster vision recovery during fadeback

39.5% improved contrast sensitivity

Keeping up with the speed of light and life!

Embrace HD vision with minimal fadeback drag. GEN S™ lenses’ speedy transition provides a quick and seamless lens transition between environments, with wearers experiencing little visual disruption and ultimate eye protection!

Fully Express Yourself With GEN S™

Transitions® has teamed up with Pantone® to introduce another stunning shade to their GEN S™ colour spectrum: Ruby! Like the remaining colour collection, you can pick your favourite shade of GEN S™ lenses to match your style and glasses frames.

Available in 8 vibrant colors

Ruby Transitions® Gen S lenses


For an eye-catching modern style, try the Ruby lenses for a fresh and striking look.

Amber Transitions® Gen S lenses


Amber lenses create a stylish and warm look that is versatile across different frame shapes and styles.

Amethyst Transitions® Gen S lenses


Make your glasses stand out by adding an amethyst-coloured lens to your frames.

Brown Transitions® Gen S lenses


Create a vintage, chic look with brown lenses. A timeless classic that have withstood the test of time.

Emerald Transitions® Gen S lenses


For a retro twist, try the modern and dimensional emerald green lenses for a striking timeless look.

Graphite Green Transitions® Gen S lenses

Graphite Green

Graphite green lenses can create an eye-catching and modern style with any frame.

Grey  Transitions® Gen S lenses


Grey lenses are the most popular colour, creating a chic and sophisticated look.

Sapphire Transitions® Gen S lenses


Create a unique pairing for your glasses by adding a sapphire lens for a fresh and exciting look.

The Tech Behind The Specs

The geniuses behind Transitions® GEN S™ have included an advanced symbiotic technology to create these ultra-dynamic lenses. The super-charged dyes within the lens absorb more energy; this helps your lenses quickly and effectively react to the light and colours available for consistent visual clarity and comfort.

A woman wearing Transitions® Gen S lenses

Why Are People Switching To Transitions®?

Whether you require a prescription lens or not, Transitions® are becoming a popular choice for everyone! Transitions® lenses go beyond the visual correction with their premium features protecting your eyes from natural and artificial lights, creating a better visual experience, and basically enhancing your look and lifestyle!

Clarity Indoors

Clear with a protective tint when indoors

Darkness Outdoors

Darkest in hot temperatures


Returns to a clear lens faster than ever

UV Protection

Blocks 100% of UVA and UVB light

Blue Light Protection

Filters blue light indoors & outdoors

Darkness in the car

Darkens in the car behind a windshield

How Can Lensology Help?

We’re proud to supply the Transitions® GEN S™ lenses! Whether you require a prescription lens or not, simply choose one of the iconic tints, and our skilled technicians will fit your prescription or non-prescription Transitions® GEN S™ lenses into any style, size or shape of glasses frames, including designer frames!

Request a pack and complete the online form, and we’ll sort the rest as quickly as GEN S™ transitions from clear to dark (well, almost!).

A woman on the beach wearing glasses with transitions lenses

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