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Save money on your Emporio, Georgio or Armani Exchange sunglasses and glasses lenses with Lensology’s lens reglazing service.

Armani Replacement Lenses

Armani’s fine Italian craftsmanship is like no other. The care and attention that goes into their glasses and sunglasses, offer a mix of modern and classic frames. Purchasing a pair of Armani glasses is a big deal, but you don’t want to send your glasses all the way to Italy if you need to simply change the lenses. Instead, post your frames to Lensology, where we can replace, repair and reglaze your Armani lenses, either as a fashion accessory or as a pair of prescription glasses in just three days!
Armani Glasses Frames

Armani Reglazing Price Guide

Save up to 70% compared to high-street opticians by using Lensology! All lenses are created in-house at our optical lab by our very own qualified technicians. We only stock high-quality lenses, leaving you to rest assured that your lenses are cost-effective and fitted to the highest standards. You can save even more when you check out our latest deals.

Replacement Lenses Reglazing Prices

We cut out the middleman when you choose to reglaze glasses with Lensology. Unlike high street opticians, we keep everything in-house, making our prices up to 70% lower than our competitors (and you don’t have to book an appointment!). Increase your savings when you include our current deals.

Lens Type
Single Vision (Clear) £19.90 £39.90 £69.00 £90.00
Bifocals (Clear) £35.00 £88.00 £129.00 £140.00
Varifocals (Clear) £64.00  £118.00 £188.00 £210.00
Sunglasses Lenses
Standard Tinted £32.90 £69.00 £100.00 £145.00
Tinted with Anti-Glare £50.00 £104.00 £140.00 £185.00
Polarised Tinted £70.90 £94.00 £170.00 £215.00
Transitions® Lenses £71.00 £94.00 (Unbranded) £150.00 £225.00
Tinted Bifocals £52.00 £118.00 £170.00 £195.00
Tinted Varifocals £79.00 £148.00 £240.00 £240.00
Gradient Tints + £10.00
Same price as tinted lenses Same price as tinted lenses Same price as tinted lenses
Mirrored Tints + £35.00
DO NOT SUPPLY + £65.00 (add-on) + £40.00 (add-on)


Replacement Armani Sunglasses Lenses

We can turn your everyday Armani frames into your new pair of Armani sunglasses or replace your damaged Armani sunglasses lenses at a fraction of the cost of other high-street opticians. We stock a wide range of lenses to match your style, such as:



FROM £52.90

Choose our best-selling lenses for your Armani sunglasses. ULTIMA lenses are designed to be worn daily and adapt to your environment and are available in a wide range of colours.


Super scratch resistance




UV block




Easy cleaning


12 months damage guarantee

Priority Processing (for single vision stock lenses)

Armani Prescription Lenses

You can choose between 3 different types of lenses to create your own Armani prescription sunglasses or glasses.

Designer Sunglasses Lenses

We work with some of the biggest brands to transform your prescription or non-prescription designer sunglasses.

How It Works

Step 1

Request A Pack

To upgrade your Armani glasses, start by clicking the ‘request a pack’ button. Complete the online form and a box with blank prescription will be sent to you. Relax and wait for your reglazing pack to arrive in a couple of days.

Step 2

Post Us Your Armani Glasses

Pop your completed prescription and Armani glasses, or sunglasses, into the box. Seal with the pre-paid sticker and post it via a Royal Mail post box or Post Office. We’ll be in touch once they reach our lab.

Step 3

Relax whilst we fit your lenses

We’ll email you a quote based on your requirements and if you’re happy, we’ll get started! Within a few days, you’ll receive your Armani frames with their brand-new and improved glasses lenses.

Upgrade your Non-Prescription Armani Sunglasses

Armani glasses were made to be seen! That’s why you’ve researched, found and purchased the perfect pair of Armani sunglasses to suit your style. When the lens is damaged, you don’t want the expense and stress of buying a new pair – but you don’t have to! Lensology can replace your lens like-for-like, or add extra finishes such as a mirrored effect, anti-smudge or blue-light protection.
A man wearing a pair of Armani sunglasses

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