Should you wear computer glasses?

Apr 10, 2021

As we spend more and more time indoors, streaming shows, doing homework, or even setting up new businesses from home, our computer screen use in the UK has undoubtedly increased. If you are squinting, leaning forward, or rubbing your eyes excessively while using your computer screen, then computer glasses may be the way forward for you.


What are computer glasses?

Computer glasses are an optical lens option used to alleviate eye strain caused by computer screens. Lensology can add the filter to your prescription glasses, as an additional pair or a non-prescription pair for those with normal vision but excessive screen use.


Why are computer glasses so popular?

Glasses-wearing of old has been a relatively black and white process, you’re either short or long-sighted, and anything outside of that is rarely catered for. With the digital landscape changing so drastically and people becoming more aware of their health overall, the desire to take care of ourselves and be more knowledgeable about how we can do so has led to an increase in options for lens wearers from all walks of life. The blue-lens market is estimated to be worth $44 billion, globally and is expected to rise 2.6%, consistently. over the next few years – proving a popular measure for modern eye care.

Reducing the effects of computer screen glare means users can work or watch for significantly longer, in more comfort and less adverse effects on their eye health.


How do computer glasses work?

The key element to computer glasses is their anti-reflective qualities. But more than that, they are blue-light filtering, deflecting the dominant and most damaging light in the spectrum due to its closeness to UV rays from reaching your eyes.


Should you buy computer glasses?

Computer screens are common contributors to optical discomfort, causing eye strain, visual blurring, dryness, itchiness leading to eye rubbing – which can seriously damage your delicate eye muscles – headaches, visual fatigue, and more. Investment in a decent, ergonomic chair to help to alleviate the physical strain in your shoulders and back is par for the course, and computer glasses should be too if you are suffering from eye conditions related to screen use.

The blue-light filtration in computer glasses is a simple and proven way to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light by eliminating it altogether while being simple and safe for everyday use.
Lensology offers various solutions for computer screen users, from reglazing spectacles and adding blue-light filtration to your prescription glasses to blue-light filter glasses ready to order online in both prescription and non-prescription.

Experts in all things optical, Lensology source high-quality lenses from industry-leading suppliers and create each personalised order in the in-house lab, ensuring the highest quality optical care is delivered back to customers through the 100% postal service. All this from the comfort of your own home, you don’t even need to leave the house.

Computer Glasses FAQs

Can you get prescription computer glasses?
Yes – the blue light lens can be added to prescription lenses, making them an ideal solution for day-to-day wear.

When is the best time to wear computer glasses?
You can use computer glasses to alleviate the harmful effects of any screen time, so whether you are working, surfing the web for your next holiday booking, or checking out your social media, you can do so in comfort.

Can you wear computer glasses all the time?
Yes, the blue-light filter is subtle yet effective. You should not experience any detrimental effects from wearing them all day. If you want to add to your frames collection, you can have a pair for computer use only, with or without prescription – the choice is yours!

Does wearing computer glasses have any side effects?
As it is a subtle addition, there are not any proven negative side-effects to wearing computer glasses.

Can I have a blue-light filter on bi or varifocals?
Blue-light protection can be added to all lens types, both single vision and varifocals, there are no restrictions.

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