How can I replace my Ray-Ban lenses?

Jul 13, 2021

how to replace Ray-Ban lenses

Sunglasses are highly beneficial for your eyes in any season. From the obvious hot sunny weather of the summer months to the glare of fresh, crisp, bright, frosty mornings, protecting your eyes isn’t limited to being on holiday.

One of our favourite brands, and a favourite with customers too, is Ray-Ban. Chic, understated, overstated if you so wish, high quality and just very cool, Ray-Ban is THE brand for sunglasses to take you through each season with style.

So you invest in a pair, taking the time to secure the right fit and aesthetic just for you. But what happens if the lenses get damaged or your prescription changes?


How Do I Replace My Ray-Ban Lenses?

Well, you needn’t start all over again! At Lensology, we are able to supply and fit Ray-Ban replacement lenses, meaning you can have a refit of your favourite Ray-Ban frames with new lenses; you’re not limited to cheaper alternatives. What’s more, Lensology will do all the work for you.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t just send lenses out to you to fit yourself, which can damage your frames and give you ill-fitting lenses. Instead, we send out a pre-paid postage box for you to send your frames back to us, and we handle the rest in our dedicated optical lab to ensure your lenses are fitted correctly and in pristine condition.


The Different Types of Replacement Ray-Ban Lenses

At Lensology, we’re highly skilled at reglazing bespoke lenses to meet our client’s requests. From repairing lenses like for like to transforming the coloured tint and updating a prescription, we can do it all.

Replacement Prescription Ray-Ban Lenses

We can apply your optical prescription to single-vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses for both Ray-Ban sunglasses and everyday frames. Better yet, we can add additional coatings such as anti-smudge, polarised and transitional lenses for the ultimate pair of specs.

 Replacement Ray-Ban Sunglasses Lenses

Whether you want to transform your regular Ray-Ban glasses into stunning sunglasses, or perhaps you fancy switching up the tint, gradient or mirrored effect of your existing Ray-Ban sunnies. Our technicians can design lenses to your preference, fitting any shape, style or size of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Replacement Non-prescription Ray-Ban Lenses

Our top-quality, in-house lenses are designed with the same care and attention as your original Ray-Ban Lenses. We can repair your existing clear or tinted lenses or add additional coatings such as blue light protection, anti-smudge or anti-fog. For wearers who love the brand, we can also source authentic Ray-Ban lenses with the Ray-Ban logo directly from Italy. However, these take a little longer to source and cost a bit more.

Replacement Ray-Ban Story Lenses

Partnering with Facebook, Ray-Ban Story Frames now allows wearers to interact with the digital world right in front of their eyes. We can take these glasses one step further by reglazing bespoke lenses to suit you – whether that’s a prescription lens, tinted filter or blue light protection, it couldn’t be easier to replace your Ray-Ban Story lenses.

Replacement Ray-Ban Meta Lenses

Optimising their popular Wayfarer and Headliner frames, Ray-Ban have opened their, and our eyes, into the AR world. The Ray-Ban Meta glasses are as stylish as ever and let the wearer access music, record live videos, take pictures, make calls, and post directly to social media. To keep one step ahead, we can create personalised lenses for your Ray-Ban Meta glasses, including prescription lenses, coloured tints or protective coatings.


Why Not Just Buy A New Pair Of Ray-Bans?

Hey, if you can, go for it! But, take a step back and think about the various costs this incurs. Of course, it’s nice (and practical) to have more than one pair of Ray-Ban glasses. But to replace your frames every time can be wasteful. With over 40% of today’s global plastic waste ending up in the environment, we can certainly all do our bit to help.

Then there is the cost to you. When you have invested in a pair of beautiful designer frames only to find you need new lenses a year later, the costs can rack up. Replacing your lenses is a fraction of the cost of replacing frames and lenses together.

And time savings are to be had, too. With our speedy postal service, you can have your re-fitted glasses delivered back to you within just a few days of you posting them. In contrast, when choosing new prescription glasses each time, you can be waiting anything up to 8 weeks for the high street to get your order in, have it produced in the lab (wherever that may be), and sent back to store, who will then call you to come back in and have them fitted and…zzz.

Choose Lensology for your Ray-Ban replacement lenses instead; all you have to do is keep an eye out for the post.


No Ray-Ban? No Problem!

While we love Ray-Ban, we’ve got big love for some other incredible brands too. Lensology is a lens provider and fitter of luxury POLICE designer lenses, or for the sporty, we supply and fit Oakley replacement lenses too, to take you from the slopes and the sea to the car or the bar with ease. And there’s more too. Find out more about our replacement sunglasses lenses.

Ray-Ban replacement lenses, or any brand for that matter, are a no-brainer with Lensology. With exemplary customer service, high-quality, branded products, and the most effortless process in the business to get you the eye care you need, hassle-free – what are you waiting for?

Contact our friendly team with any questions or order your postal box here.

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