How Long Does It Take To Reglaze A Pair Of Glasses?

Aug 15, 2020

pairs of glasses after reglazing on a table

Reglazing of glasses – replacing the lenses in a current pair of frames whilst diverting the high costs of the opticians – has seen a surge in popularity recently, with us working from home and popping out to the shops becoming more restricted.

Lensology is one of the market leaders in the optics industry, and with a 5* Trustpilot rating with over 5,000 reviews, we have the praise back that up. But how do we reglaze glasses and how long does it take?


The Reglazing Process

What you need to reglaze:

  • Your existing frames or a new pair
  • A prescription that is less than 2 years old


STEP 1 – Request a pack

You have your existing frames or have a new pair, a prescription less than two years old and are now ready to purchase lenses. Your optician can fit new lenses for you, but at great expense. By cutting out the ‘middle-man’ and all the costs incurred in doing so, you can drastically bring the price of your glasses down, even with a whole new set.

Head straight to where you will find buckets of jargon-free information on lens type, style, and a pricing guide. From here you can request your free pack by completing a simple form, advising if you would like a Freepost box to post your frames to them or if you cannot leave the house, we will arrange for a DPD courier* to collect them from you.


STEP 2 – Send your frames

There are a few different ways that you can get your frames to us. You can send us your frames in your own box and print out a freepost label, request a freepost pack, or request a DPD courier collection.

Pack delivery times:
Freepost Label – Send us your glasses the same day in your own box.
Freepost Pack – Receive your pack from us in 1-2 days.
DPD Courier – Choose your collection time for your own box or our pack.

While you are waiting for your box to arrive, head to our website where we have made it easy to navigate through the many different lens styles for you to be able to choose what you need. See our Lenses and Upgrades here.

Once the Freepost box arrives, or when you’re ready to send us your frames, complete the simple lens order form and return everything via the options you have chosen.


STEP 3 – Choose your lenses

At Lensology, we can cater for a huge variety of eyecare requirements. Be it standard lenses for work, reading, driving, or more specialised eye care needs such bifocal lenses, varifocal lenses, even blue light blocking lenses – we have a wide range of options to suit and plenty of choices when it comes to coatings, protecting your lenses from scratches and eyes from glare and much more. If you need assistance, our friendly team of experts is ready to discuss your eye care with you over the phone, give us a call on 0115 784 5219.


STEP 4 – The reglazing process

What happens at the lab?

Once the frames have reached us, unlike other providers, an optics expert will assess the frames and the lenses required to make sure they are correct and that the frames are suitable. We can fit lenses to hundreds of styles of frames, but should they need an MOT or repairing before a new lens fitting, we can do this, including; ultra-sonic frames cleaning, nose pad replacement, improve fit with tightening loose screws and more.

Confirming your choices
Once we have assessed your frames, we will call or email you with a quote tailored to exactly what you need. Once the lenses are agreed, we then set to work on creating your brand new lenses. We work directly with accredited optical lens manufacturers and by reglazing in-house in the lab, cost and time are significantly reduced.

So, how long does it take to reglaze?

Using first-class post or our trusted partnership with DPD couriers means we can turn around a reglaze quickly without scrimping on quality. At Lensology, we have a large stock holding of lenses, there’s no hanging around for weeks or even several days. Most of our lenses have a same-day turnaround. Should there be any delay for a particularly specialised lens, we will communicate this to you during the confirmation stage, to help minimise the impact on you.

Our pursuit for quality, working in-house and with trusted suppliers means you could be back with your glasses and high-quality new lenses in as little as 2 days from sending them to us. A drastic difference when you are often waiting weeks for them to be sourced through your optician, and at a fraction of the cost.

At Lensology, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality products with service excellence. Our commitment and ethos over the years has made us a UK-leading glasses reglazing company. With an emphasis on cost savings and ease of purchase for the customer, you can be assured that our reglazing service is the best option for your frames. Speak to an expert today or request a pack today – just be ready to leave another 5* review!

Ready to order your FREE pack?

We provide a free postal pack that is delivered straight to your door, inclusive of a free return postage box for your frames. You’ll just need to provide a few simple details and then we can get it over to you ASAP!