How To Repair Your Scratched Sunglasses Lenses

Jun 16, 2021

Take this scenario…

It’s the weather we have all been waiting for – a beautiful sunny day that requires shorts, sun cream and the opportunity to wear your favourite designer sunglasses. You open your glasses case for the first time in many months, and then you realise that there are scratches on the lenses. You can still wear them, but the little nicks and dings are less than ideal. They are in your line of vision, so that’s even more annoying.

So, now you need to and try and fix this. The first step is rubbing the lenses with a cloth, but that doesn’t work. What do you do next?

Here are some methods we found on the internet that people try to remove scratches, but do they work? 

Method 1 – Toothpaste

Yes, for minuscule scratches, toothpaste could work. The micro-abrasives in toothpaste could technically buff out a light scratch, giving it a reason to be considered. However, it’s unlikely to fix anything but a minor blemish, and it will take many applications to see only a slight difference, so stick to brushing your teeth with this and not your sunglasses.

Does it work? Not really, you’ll need a lot of time… and toothpaste.

Method 2 – Car Wax

Surely not, you are thinking. Well, the scientific answer is that it will do more damage than good. Wax will hide scratches by filling them in, making the polished surface look like it does not have a scratch anymore. When it comes to applying wax to your scratched sunglasses lenses, the wax will impair your vision, making it even harder to see out of your sunglasses than before.

Does it work? It’s a hard NO – put the wax back.

Method 3 – Sun Cream

A common option that people use worldwide. This method is applicable for lenses with a mirror coating. It can work, so it’s worth a try, but if the scratch is deeper than the mirror coating, this will not work, especially if the scratch cuts into the plastic or glass; you’ve still got a problem. You’re also running the risk of removing the UV protective filter from your sunglasses lenses, causing a greater threat to your eyes when you wear your sunglasses.

Does it work? Only if there is a small scratch on the mirror coating only.

It is tempting to try to fix lenses through buffing or by using abrasive materials such as the following:

  • Sandpaper
  • Glass etching
  • Baking powder
  • Vinegar

When it comes to removing scratches from sunglasses, there are plenty of techniques that sound great in theory, but they can potentially ruin your lenses and make the problem much worse.

The best way to remove any scratches from your sunglasses is to replace the lenses. The same goes for any glasses that you have.

Replacement Sunglasses Lenses

The best, most cost-effective method is to replace your sunglasses lenses. By fitting brand new lenses into your frames, you’ll retain perfect clarity and avoid damaging any mirroring or protective lens coating. In short, you won’t need to buy another pair of expensive sunglasses, and you get to keep your favourite pair for longer. It’s a win, win situation.

Here at Lensology, we can replace your sunglasses lenses quickly and much cheaper than on the high street or with the manufacturer. We use genuine and authentic lenses, including, Ray-Ban replacement lenses, Oakley replacement lenses, Police, D&G and many more.

Simply request a free reglazing pack, put your glasses in the box and send them back to us (pre-paid and no obligation), and within days you will receive your sunglasses with new lenses fitted, all without leaving your home.

Don’t waste time trying to fill, remove or damage your lenses. Instead, simply replace them in an instant by requesting a pack today. You’ll be out in the sunshine in no time!

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