How To Save Money On Your Prescription Glasses Lenses With Lensology

Jul 4, 2023

A man wearing prescription glasses lenses

We understand just as well as anyone how expensive it can be to replace your current glasses frames or just your glasses lenses. When you’ve just been told by the Optician that you require a new prescription, it’s easy to pick out a new pair of frames there and then without having to go back another day. But perhaps you love your current frames? Or your budget doesn’t stretch to new glasses and lenses right now. This is when Lensology can help!
The team at Lensologly have gathered their advice and expertise on how you can save time and money renewing your prescription lenses (and keeping your favourite frames) through our reglazing service.


You Don’t Need New Glasses. You Need New Prescription Lenses

When you’re having your eye test and require a new prescription, it’s understandable that the opticians will try and push a new pair of glasses onto you, complete with coatings and finishes that you can only get via them – or so they say! The truth is, you only need to change the lenses to update your prescription, which is a lot cheaper.


What if I want to switch from single-vision to bifocal lenses?

No worries! It’s not just high-street opticians who can upgrade your prescription lenses, we can too! Lensology offers 3 different types of prescription lenses: single-vision, bifocal and varifocal. All we require is your glasses frames and new prescription. If you’re looking to turn your everyday frames into tinted sunglasses, we can do that too. As well as apply any additional coatings such as polarised lenses, blue-light protection or anti-scratch coating.


Keep Your Existing Frames

Choosing a pair of specs that suit your style, colouring and face shape takes a lot of time and investment. When you find that perfect fit, you don’t want to throw them away and start the entire process again. A lot of the time, you don’t even need to buy a new pair of glasses. If your frames are still in good condition, you just need to update the lenses.

Whether you’re upgrading your glasses prescription, switching a damaged lens like for like or looking to enhance your lens with a tint, polarised or anti-smudge coating, Lensology’s reglazing service can do it all. Our in-house technicians will design and fit your new, bespoke lenses comfortably into your beloved frames for a fraction of the cost of mainstream opticians.


Prescription Lenses To Meet Every Budget

By cutting out the middleman and providing you with a free postal service, we can pass our cost savings back to you. Prices vary depending on your requirements, i.e., your preferred prescription lens and the number of coatings applied, but with our discounts added on, you can essentially get a brand-new pair of glasses for as little as £9.90 when you add our excellent deals.


Do You Need New Glasses?

If you wear your glasses daily, there’s a chance they’ve become quite worn or damaged over time and a new pair of frames is probably best. However, don’t feel pressured into buying your glasses when you have your eye test, as you can end up paying through your nose for new prescription glasses lenses. Takes some time to see the whole picture before making any big purchases.

We recommend searching for your perfect pair of specs. Whether that’s a designer brand or a pair of ordinary frames from a retailer you know and love. The frame’s cost is often much cheaper to buy without the complete prescription lens package. You can then send your frames to us, here at Lensology, to fit a high-quality, prescription lens into your glasses frames.


Why You Should Choose Lensology

We’re proud to help so many glasses wearers transform their glasses whilst saving them time, money and stress! Here are some of the benefits that come with our reglazing service:


Receive your new glasses in 3 days

Although it may seem quicker and easier to buy a new pair of prescription glasses on the day of your eye test, there’s still a lot to sort: all your measurements need to be retaken and then there’s a two-week wait whilst they’re being built, tested and returned. You then need to go back to the opticians to collect them. With Lensology, we can have your glasses reglazed and returned to your doorstep within 3 days.


Keep your frames and just pay for your lenses

Lensology has a dedicated team of reglazing experts who all work in-house! That means we never outsource our service and we know exactly where your glasses are at any one time. Your frames come to us and stay with us until your new lenses are designed, build and fitted perfectly into your glasses frame. Our free postal service also means no costs for sending us your glasses or unnecessary trips to the opticians.


Enjoy a professional finish

Our team of technicians are fully trained in designing and creating high-class glasses lenses. We only use the best quality materials to build your lenses and ensure they’re fitted professionally into your frames. We’ve worked on numerous shapes, sizes and styles of glasses and lenses, so we’re pretty confident we can meet your requirements too.


You can change your mind

Once we receive your frames and prescription in our lab, one of the team will email you with a quote for your new lenses. At this point, you can review the quote and decide whether you want to go ahead. If yes, then we’ll get started on creating your new prescription lenses straight away. If you’ve changed your mind, no worries, we’ll return your glasses back to you, free of charge.


Set Your Sights On The Right Price

New prescription glasses don’t have to cost you a fortune. Take your time to choose the right frames for you or simply keep your existing ones. Browse our prices page to get an idea of how much each type of lens costs and the different coatings you could add on. Don’t forget to look at our offers too! If you have any questions, then simply contact the Lensology team.


Ready To Order Your Free Pack?

We provide a free postal pack that is delivered straight to your door, inclusive of a free return postage box for your frames. You’ll just need to provide a few simple details and then we can get it over to you ASAP!

Ready to order your FREE pack?

We provide a free postal pack that is delivered straight to your door, inclusive of a free return postage box for your frames. You’ll just need to provide a few simple details and then we can get it over to you ASAP!