Miu Miu Lenses

Save money on your Miu Miu lenses with Lensology’s reglazing service. Design your bespoke lenses for as little as £19.90, and we’ll fit them straight into your Miu Miu frames.

Reglazing Miu Miu Lenses

After years of trendsetting, Miu Miu eyewear is becoming one of the most popular styles of sunglasses and a must-have accessory. No matter which Miu Miu range you prefer: Glimpse, Regard or Runway, at Lensology, we design and fit high-end lenses to your beloved Miu Miu glasses.

From adding a prescription lens and protective lens coatings to changing the shade of tint or switching to a clear lens to create Miu Miu everyday glasses, we can do it all. Saving you time and money on purchasing another pair of specs.

A pair of Miu Miu Eyewear glasses

Miu Miu Replacement Lenses Pricing

There’s nothing more upsetting than a scratched lens or having to switch to prescription glasses. The good news is that Lensology can replace or update your lenses for any Miu Miu range. Better yet, we’re often cheaper than the high street prices, especially with our amazing deals.

Replacement Lenses Reglazing Prices

We cut out the middleman when you choose to reglaze glasses with Lensology. Unlike high street opticians, we keep everything in-house, making our prices up to 70% lower than our competitors (and you don’t have to book an appointment!). Increase your savings when you include our current deals.

Lens Type
Single Vision (Clear) £19.90 £39.90 £69.00 £90.00
Bifocals (Clear) £35.00 £88.00 £129.00 £140.00
Varifocals (Clear) £64.00  £118.00 £188.00 £210.00
Sunglasses Lenses
Standard Tinted £32.90 £69.00 £100.00 £145.00
Tinted with Anti-Glare £50.00 £104.00 £140.00 £185.00
Polarised Tinted £70.90 £94.00 £170.00 £215.00
Transitions® Lenses £80.00 £94.00 (Unbranded) £150.00 £225.00
Tinted Bifocals £52.00 £118.00 £170.00 £195.00
Tinted Varifocals £79.00 £148.00 £240.00 £240.00
Gradient Tints + £10.00
Same price as tinted lenses Same price as tinted lenses Same price as tinted lenses
Mirrored Tints + £35.00
DO NOT SUPPLY + £65.00 (add-on) + £40.00 (add-on)


Miu Miu Sunglasses Lenses

You’ve found your perfect Miu Miu frames, but you want to tailor the lenses to your style. Or perhaps you’ve damaged your lenses and looking for a quick solution to replace them like for like. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with our unique sunglasses lens features.



FROM £52.90

Our premium ULTIMA lenses perfectly match your Miu Miu glasses, bringing comfort to everyday lenses and outperforming in any environment. They’re also:


Super scratch resistance




UV block




Easy cleaning


12 months damage guarantee

Priority Processing (for single vision stock lenses)

Upgrade Your Miu Miu Sunglasses Lenses

Miu Miu Prescription Lenses

We offer multiple prescription lenses to meet your requirements and fit perfectly into any of the Miu Miu eyewear collections.

Reglazing Sunglasses

Your Miu Miu sunglasses are in safe hands; our in-house technicians have worked with a range of designer brands, including:

How Our Service Works

Step 1

Request A Pack

To send your Miu Miu frames to us, click ‘request a pack’ and complete the online form. We’ll then send you a flat-pack box, prescription and free postage sticker.

Step 2

Post Your Miu Miu Frames

Build your box and pop your Mui Mui glasses and prescription inside. Seal close and send them back to us via any Royal Mail Post Office or post box.

Step 3

Sit back and Relax

We’ll email you a quote, and if you’re happy with it, we’ll get to work reglazing your Mui Mui lenses, returning them to you within a few days.

Miu Miu Lens Replacement

At Lensology, we’re on a mission to help customers achieve affordable eyewear by reglazing their favourite frames rather than rebuying them. This also saves you time and stress, not to mention it’s a sustainable solution with less impact on the environment!

As the UK’s leading reglazing company, we can quickly and professionally replace, reglaze and refit bespoke lenses into your favourite Miu Miu glasses or sunglasses. Simply request a pack to begin your reglazing journey.

A person wearing a pair of Miu MIu sunglasses lenses

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