When and why should I reglaze my glasses?

Nov 5, 2019

when and why you should reglaze your glasses

Frames are often the main culprit of broken glasses, whether they’ve been sat on, trodden on, or pulled around by the kids, one usually winds up with a new set of glasses. But what do you do when your frames are fine, but your prescription has changed, lenses have been damaged or you need anti-glare for driving that you didn’t need before?

Reglazing your glasses means you can replace your lenses and keep your frames. The benefits of doing so include saving money, time and the environment; all three of which you can agree are perfect reasons to give it a try.


When should I reglaze my glasses?

Lens Damage – if your lenses are scratched it can be distracting to look through and ultimately weakens the lens, so just prolonging the inevitable by not getting them replaced. Smashed or damaged lenses are easily replaced by reglazing and Lensology have a vast combination of types, coatings and features for you to choose from.

Updated prescription – you should be having your eyesight tested every two years in the UK, and so with regular check-ups you can keep up to date with your prescriptions. Unfortunately for many, our eyesight does deteriorate over time and sometimes it may only be a minor change on a fairly new pair of glasses. This is where reglazing is the perfect solution, addressing the vision change without the expensive outlay of new glasses.

New lens coating – you may have decided to forego the anti-scratch last time, and now regret it having dropped them outside, or perhaps the anti-glare in the low evening sun would have been beneficial after all? Again, reglazing means you can add these features to your glasses without a whole new pair, saving on cost and wastage whilst addressing the additional needs of your lenses.

Get more from your glasses – the term ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it’ applies here. Why replace the whole thing unless you have to or really want to? As buying glasses is most likely a considered purchase, customers want to be able to keep the item they have taken time and effort to carefully select for as long as possible. Reglazing gives wearers that option.


What are the benefits of reglazing my glasses?

Replacing lenses generally has a much quicker turnaround time than starting from scratch, as sourcing the frames is taken out of the process and at Lensology, stock is held and glazing is done inhouse in a dedicated lab, so you are dealing direct with no retailer middleman.

As much of the manufacturing and transport costs have been saved by removing the unnecessary purchase of new frames, the costs are drastically reduced and can be as little as £19.90 for single vision lenses. When designer frames can be as much as £400+ on the high street, the wastage and financial cost of throwing them away for lens damage alone can be astronomical.

Environmental Impact
Which leads on to the ecological, environmental implications of changing your glasses. It may not seem like a huge contributing factor, given the need to change your glasses may not be very regular, but for every single undamaged, working frame thrown away that isn’t recycled, the amount and thus the impact on the environment adds up. By keeping your frames for longer, reglazing to replace the lens and, if needed, using the Lensology frame refurbishment service, consumers can keep more waste out of landfill and help reduce manufacturing emissions in the process. Find out more about the environmental impact of glasses.

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