Should You Buy Your Glasses From The Opticians?

Mar 14, 2024

Do you dread looking for new glasses because you might have to pay a small fortune every time your prescription changes and you need new lenses?

Choosing glasses should be a fun experience! It’s a chance to find lovely eyewear that compliments you and your style. We also believe it should be an affordable experience, making the dread of buying new specs a thing of the past. But how?

At Lensology, we’re revolutionising how you buy glasses. You no longer need to feel obligated to purchase new frames and new lenses from your local opticians. Lensology offers a quick, efficient and cost-effective solution by designing customised replacement lenses that fit directly into your existing frames.


Cost vs Convenience

We get it: you’ve just had your eyes tested, so it makes sense to order your new frames and prescription lenses whilst you’re in the optician – it’s convenient, right? However, with so many frames to choose from, do you feel overwhelmed by the choice and end up simply picking a pair of frames just because you’re there?

You then have to quickly decide which finishes you want on your lenses or any additional insurance before you’re given a final quote. And let’s be honest, once you’ve got this far, you’re most likely going to go ahead with whatever they say just because you can tick ‘new glasses’ off your to-do list.

Ok, yes, it might save you a job when you get home, but it often takes up to two weeks for your new glasses to arrive, which involves another trip to the opticians to pick them up, adding to your overall costs. By all means, purchase your new frames from your opticians or favourite designer brand. But when it comes to new prescription lenses or replacement lenses, you can save a lot of time and money by choosing Lensology!


Enter Lensology!

Online lenses are where we come in! Our mission is to save our customers as much time, money and stress as possible with their prescription lenses. We cut out the middleman by fitting bespoke lenses directly into your existing frames.

Our online reglazing service means you can take your time creating your perfect lenses whether that includes a coloured tint, blue light protective coatings, or combining multiple prescriptions into bifocal or varifocal lenses.

Not only is it a convenient solution (you can access our website anywhere from any device), but with our amazing deals, we’re often a cheaper option to many high street opticians. Better yet, our expert technicians can reglaze your new lenses within 48 hours, and we courier them directly to you, ready to wear.


Buy The Glasses, Not the Lenses

In almost every case, after your eye test, you browse their selection of glasses and try on some frames to see how they look and feel. It’s part of the whole experience.

If you find a pair of glasses you love, enquire about them and more often than not, the opticians will happily sell you the frames without the prescription lenses. That way, you get a pair of lovely frames that Lensology can fit your prescription lenses into at a lower cost.

Our competitive prices and fantastic deals mean you also save money on your prescription and non-prescription lenses. We offer a huge range of lenses and coatings, so you can customise your new lenses to match your requirements. The process is extremely simple and it all starts by requesting a pack.

The Benefits of Ordering Your Lenses Online

As we said, you can purchase your glasses frames from your favourite brands. But by ordering your replacement lenses via Lensology, you’ll massively benefit from:

  • Taking your time choosing the right lenses for you
  • Zero pressure to buy your glasses straight away
  • Designing your bespoke lenses
  • A cheaper option than most high street opticians
  • Swift 1-week turnaround
  • Your new glasses will be delivered straight to you
  • Accessing our website anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Taking advantage of our incredible deals

Ready to order your FREE pack?

We provide a free postal pack that is delivered straight to your door, inclusive of a free return postage box for your frames. You’ll just need to provide a few simple details and then we can get it over to you ASAP!