Sustainability In Lenses: How To Become Eco-Friendly With Your Glasses

Nov 21, 2022

We’re all looking for ways we can do our bit for the planet: increasing our sustainability efforts and reducing our environmental impact. Although we can’t see into the future, there are changes we can make now to create a brighter future. When it comes to eye health, vision is important and you must find the right eyecare for you, but there are a few ways in which you can avoid plastic pollution and up-cycle your glasses frames along the way.


Can you recycle glasses frames?

In general, most glasses are made from single-use plastic and are therefore non-biodegradable and cannot be recycled. This means a lot of old glasses are chucked in the bin and end up in landfill. If your frames are perfectly fine, there are ways you can upgrade rather than replace them, saving you time and money too.


Why do we change our glasses frames?

There are a lot of reasons why we choose to refresh our frames: we’ve received a new prescription from our optician, we’ve outgrown them, we want to upgrade to tinted lenses, bifocal lenses or anti-glare lenses, or the fast-fashion movement has encouraged us to swap our look with every season. Also, for many, we simply might not know there’s an alternative and more sustainable solution.

Glasses frames are designed to last a long time, especially if we put in the effort to look after them. By choosing to reglaze your glasses rather than replace your whole glasses, we can break the disposable culture, saving the planet and our pockets at the same time.


Why you should reglaze rather than replace

Tens of thousands of glasses frames are thrown away each year. We can significantly reduce this number by reglazing your lenses and keeping your frames out of landfills. To help you decide, we’ve pulled together 4 benefits of why you should reglaze, rather than replace:


It’s easy and convenient

Once you know your new prescription, all you need to do is request a pack and send off your updated prescription with your current frames. There’s no need to try on every frame in the shop because you already have them. Once your new lenses are fitted, we’ll send them straight back.


Reduce our environmental impact

By choosing to keep your frames, manufacturers are producing fewer glasses, reducing emissions by not manufacturing as many new glasses. More importantly, a lot of plastic is wasted during the process of making glasses frames, which will end up in landfill.


You can still enhance your lenses

If you only have eyes for a lens upgrade, we can easily apply and fit new lenses with various treatments including blue light lenses, polarised lenses, bifocal lenses, varifocal lenses and more.


Save yourself time and money

By simply reglazing your lenses, you can save nearly 70% of the cost compared to buying new high-street frames. As the cost-of-living increases, switches like this can help keep those pennies in your pocket, and what’s even better, you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home (so you save on those petrol costs too!).


Don’t be blind to other solutions

There’s always more we can be doing and we encourage you to consider options, such as choosing 100% aluminium frames which can be recycled or purchasing higher quality glasses that are less prone to breaking due to cheap materials. These can make your frames last longer and save money in the long run.


Buy Eco-Friendly Glasses

Investing in a new pair of glasses, there are numerous eco-friendly optical brands who specialise in frames made from more sustainable or even recycled materials. Alternatively, independent spectacle makers who produce eyewear locally are also a more sustainable option. We spoke with Jamie Bartlett, co-founder of Scotland’s only eyewear manufacturer to hear his thoughts.

“With increased awareness towards environmental impact, more and more optical brands are seeking sustainable practices; both in their production methods and their material usage. Lower end eco-conscious optical brands are tackling the issue of ocean waste, opting to make their frames from recycled fishing nets and plastic drinks bottles. Meanwhile, higher end optical brands are focusing their efforts towards longer lasting, higher quality frames made from plant-based acetates such as Mazzucchelli M49.

At Banton Frameworks, we make our frames start to finish right here in the UK offering a repairs service with all our frames. Not only does this reduce air miles and carbon footprint, but prolongs the lifetime of our eyewear beyond the wearer’s biennial eye tests. Combined with reglazing services from Lensology, your glasses can last for multiple eye tests as your prescription progresses over time.”


Buy Eco-Friendly Glasses

Here at Lensology, we’re completely online and work via the postal service. This enables us to keep the costs down and importantly, invest any costs back into the service we deliver to you. Once you have your prescription, request a pack and post them back to us via any Royal Mail post box. We’ll fit your lenses and get them back to you safely, swiftly and with far less environmental impact and cost to you, than the full replacement of your glasses.

We have an extensive FAQ section if you have any questions, alternatively, you can contact us directly with any questions or queries you may have. If you are ready to go, please order your free pack here and keep your eye out for the postman.

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